what is your fav bearing?

i have never really messed with different bearings i have just always used my stock. but i was maybe wanting to see what other bearings there are out there. and suggestions?

A stock bearing is as good as any other fancy bearing out there.

oh dont get me wrong i love stocks. i just wanted to see what els is out there haha

i like center tracs and grooved bearings (crucial, trifecta).

KK is my favorite. Next is a Center Trac. I just don’t like using flat bearings, the rob spin time. Just my two cents.

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Twisted Trifecta. Also, the Terrapins are very nice.

Center-tracs, or anything Soda Cleansed!

shaped= new center tracs

flat= ten ball

Same for me.

I prefer Center track, or just plain stock :wink:

How does the trifecta play?:o

General-Yo AIGR. Smooth as butter. and whisper-quiet. Lasts forever.
Terrapin Ceramic.

Buy one of the following:

CBC Centertrak
Dif-E-Yo Konkave
One Drop 10-Ball
General Yo AIC
Twisted Trifecta
Crucial Groove
Terrapin X Wing Cut, non-ceramic for now

YYF, YYJ and YYE bearings are pretty much “factory flat bearings”. I need to buy a Euro C, a D and a few A-bearings in a bit to have some spares. I’ll probably go with YYJ bearings.

Anyhow, after yu get those, swap stuff arund. I don’t have a favorite bearing. I do have a preference for the Terrapin X wing-cut bearings and have some in A, C and D. Some throws seem to work better with a particular bearing. For example, my Meteor and Speeder 2 seem to perform a LOT better with a KK. The Chaser played best for me with the stock bearing. My DM2’s seem to perform a bit nicer with a Terrapin X Wing Cut in them so that’s what I have in both of mine. My Half & Half works best for me with a Crucial Grooved. I like the A-sized Centertrak in my ProZ! All my One Drops use 10-Ball bearings. I’m happy with the General Yo AIC bearings in my Essence and KLR. I’m probably going to put my Trifecta in my Twisted Strings Hazmat, but it plays really nice with whatever it shipped with, which was probably a One Drop 10 Ball.

If you’re into flat bearings, the Terrapin X Chrome are great. If you’re still hung on flats, the Wing Cut gives a gentle cut to the surface. This gives you the advantage of a shaped bearing by helping it center the string, but the slight cut lets the string move naturally and won’t bunch up.

I find it’s best to have bearings around to see what works best for you in a particular yoyo. I’m usually pretty happy with stock bearings though. I’ve also been cleaning a lot of bearings recently and using the Terrapin X Dry Play treatment stuff. Wow! You can give ANY bearing the Terrapin X treatment. You do need to acetone, but it’s well worth it.

Don’t waste your money on ceramics YET. If you like the “regular” version of something, then it’s worth springing for the ceramic if you want to have a ceramic bearing. The odds are that if you’re happy with the regular, the ceramic is typically an upgrade above that.

Have fun experimenting!

Center-Trac is undoubtedly the best design.

  • keeps string away from response
  • does not “pile” string
  • all stainless steel; I wash mine in hot water and dry it quick

Only problem is that they tend to be loud…
The quality control for them have gotten a lot better since the old days.

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SPEC bearings. Never had problems with them…

I have a half dozen or so ceramic Dif KonKave bearings. I removed the shields and blew them out with compressed air. Replaced the shields and didn’t clean them. They are in various yo-yos that I throw on a regular basis. I’ve come to the conclusion that they definitely give me the longest spin time.

For a flat bearing the General Yo AIGR would be my pick.

i actually have never bought a bearing.

my fav so far is the YYJ speed.

No need to buy a bearing if you’re happy with what you’ve got(very important) and if you’ve got no problem with your existing bearings.

Right now I’m debating cleaning out my new Trifecta Bearing and then Terrapin X treating it… It already spins out of the baggie for 29 seconds on a flick. I bet with the Terrapin X Dry Play, I could get closer to 40 seconds.

My favorite bearing is the Crucial Grooved 2, that’s like the only bearing I use, I never have any problems with them.

My favorite bearing is the dif-e-yo concave bearing.