Koncave vs. Flat


Not looking for which is better, just looking for people’s choices regarding these two. i am a firm believer that there are some throws that preform much better with a cc (or other string centering bearings) and some that are just better with a flat. for instance all my undersize throws (only an 888 right now) i play with a koncave. but my bigger throws: super g, skyline, lioplerodon. i play with all flat bearings. so which throws do you throw with each kind of bearing, or just say that you play one over the other at all times


I like CTs and Flat bearings, but I hate konkaves. Maybe I’ve just had bad experiences with them, but they seem to be, not exactly snaggy, but something along those lines. I like to have CTs in my 5a throws, and occasionally in a 1a throw.

Sometimes, too, it just depends on the yoyo.


For the most part, I operate with the assumption that the company chose the bearing to put in there for a reason. Plus most stock bearings are pretty awesome anyways.

However, my DM2, I have a Terrapin X Wing-Cut bearing in there, which has a very very very slight concave to it.(I mean very slight, I ain’t kidding). I just happen to like it that way. I like the stock YYJ bearing it came with it(the thin was OK), but I like the Terrapin X bearing best.

My DieNasty and Protostar I think have concaves. The rest are flat I think. the OD 54 and MMN I bought used have YYF bearings in them so I need to swap those out with OD 10-ball bearings I have obtained. Also, some CLYW’s I have have YYF bearings in them, and I’ll probably replace those with either my extra OD 10ball, or Terrapin X Chrome bearings or spare YYJ Speed bearings unless I choose to leave them alone. Other stuff I have planned purchases for have concave bearings.

Again, I’m sure the people designing the stuff have a good reason for their choices. I’m not in the mood to argue or question at this point. However, feel free to swap out bearings. I mean, you’re not going to damage anything as long as you’re using proper sized bearings, there’s no harm. I even advocate buying a variety of bearings so one can experiment. They don’t cost that much.


So far, I like my flat bearings better than my KK’s.


I like the one that is unresponsive…


I prefer a flat bearing.


you know, if you have any concave bearings you don’t use… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I notice that with my DMII, the string tends to just sit on the edge of the bearing touching the ‘wall’. I don’t really notice any big difference when it does that though.


For learning and getting a good throw I think kk bearings help you keep that string center. Once you learn your throw and able to keep it straight you can start to switch to flat bearings. I think flat are better long term because your string does not get bunched up like it can with a KK bearing. Now Studio’s wing one (I just got one of those too) are really awesome and cool too. I think that is kinda the best of both worlds.

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I like wing cut. It centers the string and plays like a flat bearing.


Terrapin X is the best IMO. I love CTs in plastic Stars. I hate konkaves. I like flats in OD/CLYW sometimes/depending on the throw. I would rather a TX in my gnarwhal but a flat in my Canvas. I would rather a TX in my Dietz but a flat in my WMMN. Flat in my goose… On and on. It depends on the throw but if i had to pick a bearing for life it would be Terrapin X. ;D


I throughly enjoy my ct bearing in all my throws. I only have 3 of them but I use them in whatever I am throwing at the moment.

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I learned to yo before bearings were the norm. I must say I don’t spend anytime at all considering what type of bearing is in the yo, I do like bearings though. That’s just me, it’s kind of like asking me what kind of lawn I like better, bermuda or zoysia. Yeah I like green lawns lol.

How long has it been since you tried a fixed axle?


i play a fixed axle every day of my life sir. my duncan pro-fly gets more play time than my 888 on a day to day basis :stuck_out_tongue:


For me it really depends on the yoyo, I like to have a centre track in my Ronin, but hated it in my JK, I think that anyone who dislikes Kks/Cts hasn’t tried one in a throw that they work for.

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Kudos! I play some fixed axle daily as well!


it depends on the throw

but a good player can play on anything. I don’t mind the bearing, as long as it fits the yoyo


Just got a couple of Crucial 2’s from YYE in today. Just a few throws so far in a Follow Wind. I am loving them straight out of the package. Quiet compared to the Center tracs I have and feels pretty dang smooth.

Going to throw the other in my Wifes JK and see how it feels.

Update: The JK feels better too. Not just to me but my wife also. I think I am going to order more. So, I like string centering bearings but more specifically the Crucial 2’s. I would like to try out a TX sometime though.


I’m OK with every bearing. But I do like the KK or CT more.

I can’t say anything about gimmick bearing hate though, I’ve been through that long enough.

And, anyone suggest me a fixed axle?


any of the duncans, pro-fly and pro-yo are both wood axles. and the classics play any of them with a slick poly string and i promise you will find yourself having just as much fun as when you first started throwing


nobody’s guide to making a fixed axle!

Step 1: Take your favorite bearing

Step 2: Wait until it rains

Step 3: Drop it in a puddle and wait until it has turned all brown and filled up with gunk

Step 4: Put bearing in expensive metal throw and enjoy the simplicity