curved bearings... concave, koncave, terrapin X wing, center trac..... question.

As far as concaved bearings go - I’ve used Center Track (Northstar and Protostar) and the Terrapin wing… of the others out there, how much deeper of a groove are they? the T-Wing is super shallow, especially compared to YYF CT. So I’m wondering about the Konkave and Crucial… I’ve heard pro’s and con’s on all of them, but I haven’t heard too much of what makes them different, which is depth

Another question - what type of throws do you find yourself putting/favoring the non-flat bearings into (rather than flats)? Heavier? Lighter? More weight on a particular part of the throw (heavy outer rim, etc)…

Observation, I don’t have calipers to confirm anything:

The koncave seems a bit deeper than the centertrac. The centertrac pulls string away from the sides and into the middle region. The konkave is rounded, so string is forced/pulled to the center by the shape. The Crucial Groove seems about as deep as the centertrac, but it’s V-shaped to direct the string to the central groove.

The Terrapin X Wing Cut is merely a “center assist” concept. String layers aren’t forced to bunch up in the middle, yet for the most part, the string will be centered. I’ve heard the Wing Cut is like 3/100ths of an inch or some sort of really small number like that.

As far as what’s best or better, it really varies a lot. As you know, in regards to preferences, bearings also fall into that area as well. I personally find the Hiroyuki Suzuki signature yoyos work best with konkaves. Or, at least, I like them better that way. The Meteor and Speeder 2 come with flats, but I put konkaves in them and I like them better. The Phenom and Phenomizm come with konkaves. I haven’t put one in my Chaser yet.

My Crucial Half & Half seems to perform best with a Crucial Grooved bearing. Go figure. It came stock with a flat. The bearing is great, but it didn’t work best for me. Now that I put a grooved bearing in there, I like it a lot better. Because the ghost pads are thick, it keeps the string away from the pads and so it is less grabby.

There’s been discussions that bearings don’t make a difference. My thoughts, right or wrong, I feel that there’s a reason why some bearings are chosen to be installed into a yoyo. Of course, it’s nice we can swap out for what we might like. The guy I throw with on the weekends likes Crucial Grooved bearings. I tend to like either a stock-type bearing, but in some instances, I do like to make my own choices.

I’ve put Konkaves in other yoyos as well, but I just haven’t cared for it in those yoyos. But that’s just my experiences. I think we should all buy some bearing and experiment.

I’m planning on getting a crucial bearing to try out, but right now I put konkaves in all my throws. I’ve tried many bearings over the years, but konkaves are my preference. I’ve noticed that konkaves seem to play best with slick 6 50/50, no string bunching.

Terrapi X bearings have a very sleight dip (.003in.) With a decent throws the string will find center.
There is no point in having a centered string on a bad one.
They are not for beginners.

This beginner greatly benefited from these bearings.

This beginner needs to get off his butt and order some more Terrapin X bearings soon!

(in case nobody figured out how I’m referring to as the beginner, it’s ME!)

Was wondering have ever put a konkave in your dm2?? and is it nicer like how you put konvkaves in your speeder and meteor

No I haven’t as a matter of fact. I’m pretty pleased with the Terrapin X Wing Cut I have in there.

Keep in mind it comes down to preferences though. I have 2 DM2’s and I like to have them set up the same for consistency. I did recently buy another Konkave though, but not sure where it’s going to go. I got a Konkave off BST and I’m not too pleased with it, and I bought a Chinese copy and I want to see how that will perform. But I don’t think I put another Terrapin X Wing cut in the other DM2 I have, I think I popped a YYJ speed bearing in there.

However I may try this anyways.

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I’ve been playing the Decapod with a crucial bearing that I terrapin coated. It seems a bit deeper than others. I like it quite a bit.

I’m not sure where. X3 sourced their curved bearing, but the one that came with my la Goutte is one of the smoothest I’ve ever played.
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I only use non flat bearing with yoyos that don’t have a wall between the pad and bearing like the old dif-e-yo’s, or kyo’s yo. It is what they where produced for originally, and really the only viable use for them I have found.

I never thought of that variable. Thanks for posting it.
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