What is your preferred bearing?

Please place your reason and the pro’s and con’s for your choice of bearing!

I am very interested to see what your guys’ favorite bearing are… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I will start off…

I love my Terrapin X bearing… it is extremely smooth and long spinning and QUIET! It’s the

best bearing I have ever played with!!! The bearing that I am anticipating to try is the Ceramic

Konkave and the AIGR General Yo bearing! Both I would love to try!!! :o

Normal Dif-e-yo Koncave.

Spins extremely smooth, super long spin times, and centers your string!

no cons IMO, but some people may not like the fact that it centers your string.

I want to try the Ceramic version the Koncave.

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I will chime in, since I do that a lot and I got opinions on everything…

For the most part, I play flats. Most yoyos come with flats. I do like the YYJ Speed Bearing, One Drop 10Ball bearings and Terrapin X. While not quite flat, the Terrapin X give you the flat bearing wiht a slight cut to help center the string, which allows for natural string movement.

Some yoyos I like KK’s in. The Phenom and Phenomism ship with KK’s installed. I installed a KK in my Speeder 2 and man, that plays like a dream now! I also put a KK in my Meteor, a vast improvement. I did not really enjoy the KK in my Chaser, it just played too heavy.

A few of my yoyos have CenterTracks in them, mostly those that come stock with them, which I think are my DieNasty, Prototstar and Northstar. I did put an A-sized CenterTrack in one of my ProZ’s(which also has brass spacers in it) and that’s making it play unresponsive without any real mods.

The Crucial Grooved bearing is nice. I put one in my Half & Half and it turned that yoyo into a playable yoyo. Before, with the flat, it was too grabby. I have also have a Crucial Grooved in my new RecRev TA-1(not released yet). It came with it stock. I may consider putting some in my Sharps.

A friend of mine has a preference for the Crucial Grooved bearings. That’s his choice. I find matching the bearing to the yoyo is a fun task, but then I have to buy replacement bearings to replace the one that found a new home. So, I’m currently looking to get more CenterTracks, KKs and Crucial Grooves as well.

So, I don’t have a clear bearing preference. I more have a “preference for a bearing based on the yoyo”.

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Center Trac, because it’s midway between the flat and the concave, so it still prevents string from touching the walls enough while allowing more string layers than concave bearings.

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I second this. I used to like grooved but they tend to lead to some sloppy binds imo. If not center trac I just go flat. I buy full ceramic bearings from Japan and they play like a dream.

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All of your opinions are very interesting and i might have to get myself a bunch of center track

bearings because of ur high reviews and because I am kinda low on bearings!!! :wink:

I used to be a konkave fan, but now I prefer crucial grooved bearings because they seem to center the string even more. I just like the play when the string is totally centered.

I use OD ten balls on my stable throws. Smoothest bearing I’ve tried. I use a CT on throws that need more stability. Centers string without sacrificing string wraps.

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I never thought about putting CT on less stable bearings and for example OD ten ball on already stable throws!!! I am gonna do that now!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Same for me. The ceramic kk is nice to.

My favorite bearing is the Crucial Grooved bearing type 2. Because it has a KK shape, and it centers the string and is really smooth.

Crucial Grooved V2.


Well I like Centertracs because the binds are a bit more snappy, but with the 10 ball it just slows down and gets responsive really fast for me even after 2 months of play. I also like General Yo AIGRs and Crucial Grooveds.

I like Center Tracs. All the people I know says it plays well, but too loud. I don’t have a problem with that.

You may have a speck of something in the TX bearing, try deshielding and tap and spin it on a stick. Or blow with compressed air. They are dry so not much clings. If that does not clear the problem PM me and I’ll fix or replace it.

Ten Ball concave bearing. Basically like a dif-e-o kk but it has 10 balls instead of 8. Also the dif-e-o kk’s are a favorite of mine as well. I also use CT bearings, great for undersized throws.

I have heard issues with string layers while using a kk bearing but honestly it just takes time to adjust to a bearing and same with a new throw. When I first got a kk bearing it did snag but now it never snags and it is all about how you hold the string. No easy way to explain that, hehe.

My favorite is the 10-ball. Smooth. I also like CT’s, but don’t have money to buy more of either.

That’s funny, I prefer CT with full/oversized throws who are generally stable enough, and concave with undersized ones who often need a little bit of help to get more stable :stuck_out_tongue:

I LOVE the bearing that came with my Ministar. I don’t think it’s an AIGR because it feels different from the AIGR’s that I own, and I’ve heard Ministars came with a different bearing. It is incredibly smooth and plays great, but can get loud and they are harder to find (based on my assumption that it is not an AIGR).

I also like th gold plated bearings that they sell here at YYE. At first I thought they were a gimmick (they sort of are), but they are quite nice. Sure, it isn’t the best bearing, and may not be worth the $15, but it is reliable and quiet.

And as everyone else said, Terrapins are epic. :slight_smile: