What is the best bearing?

What do you guys think is the best bearing and why?

Twisted Trifectas are really smooth

Depends on you.
What are your preferences?

I like 10-ball bearings. They are definitely my favorite. However Spec bearings are pretty good once they are broken in.


I like clean and long spinning regardless of the brand.

Center Trac by far.

Terrapin X ceramic wing bearings. They spin awesome, have a sting-centering dip that doesn’t bunch up your string, and last forever.

Cheap Chinese 10-ball concave bearings are my favorite. $3 a piece and play great. Only downside is it takes a week or two to get them.

I use these too. They’re at least equal to any other bearing I have. Replace my OD 10-balls with 'em and prefer them to the Dif-e-Yo KonKave I have.

My favorites are center tracs and crucial bearings

Whatever is in the yoyo.

Most yoyos ship with flat bearings. That’s fine. I like to Terrapin X treat my bearings, but I also like the Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings.

Sometimes I will experiment with bearings. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Recent successes have been putting a KK in my Speeder 2 and Meteor. Recent failure: putting a KK in my Chaser, I didn’t care for it.

I have a Trifecta bearing I intend to re-clean and then Terrapin X treat and put in my TI-5

I found a Crucial Grooved worked best in my Half & Half.

I’m not saying I don’t like CenterTracks, but I do have a few new ones. I just haven’t decided where to put them yet.

One Drop 10 Balls are great as well. I have a few spares, and all my One Drops have them in them, including my Cafe Racer, which I “upgraded” to this bearing.

Preferences and what works best for you in a particular throw. I mostly use flat, stock bearings and am super pleased.

There are no “best” things. It’s a “favorite” and is all up to preference. Plus, what does “best” mean? Suppose we’re talking about bearings (Which we are). What does “best” mean? Smoothest? Most durable? Also, there are many different sizes of bearings, which add another variable to the equation of “best”. There are just too many meanings that fall under “best” that you can’t use it. The correct word is “favorite”. Please, save everyone on these forums and stop making “What is the best” threads!

I’ve got about 10 dif-e-yo kk’s that I basically just put into anything I’m playing at that time. Every single one has been dead smooth, quiet, and spins forever right out of the box. I don’t see any reason to take my business elsewhere.

To know you have to try it…

For me it depends on the yoyo. In my experience both One Drop and General Yo play best with OD 10 Ball. CLYW play best with either 10 Ball or KK (depends on the yoyo) YYR, Turning Point, C3 all play best with KK. Again this is one of those subjective things. Most guys I know who compete though SWEAR by KK bearings. I am not a fan of center trac bearings so for me a “curved” bearing will always and only be a KK regular and ceramic.

i like trifecta bearings. there REALLY SMOOTH!!! but i have one issue, which is the strings can end up bunching up in the center. thats why i equally like trifecta and centertrack bearings! centertrack doesnt bunch up the strings in the center!

Let me suggest something?

A soda cleansed Center trac is amazing in the Ti5
Much better than the trifecta terrapin

konkave (the smoothest)are the best for floaty throws and playing at home but crucials (longest spinning)are the best for performances and competition

OD 10 balls or CBC Center Trac!!