What is your guys favorite bearing?

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Dif. Kk

But any bearing works good. I just love how quiet they are from the box!

Standard flat bearings

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Centertrac in All my main throws :slight_smile:

Stock bearings. Whatever that came with the yoyo. I prefer it to be flat though.


One Drop 10-Ball

Agreed. I bought 20 of them 2 years ago and not a single one has died on me yet. All of my yoyos have 10-Ball bearings in them and I like knowing I’ve got plenty of extra bearings on the backburner just in case one gets loud.

Ten ball bearings have been my favorite for years. They’re extremely reliable, and extremely playable.

One Drop Ten Balls all the way.

Depends on the throw for me. Generally I prefer a Twisted Trifecta though.

Buddha Ripple

I’ve had pretty good results with mostly all bearings.

Centre Tracs are my favourite of the curved bearings. As far as flats go, nothing beats the One Drop ten ball.


10-Ball or Center Track.



Yoyojam speed bearing