What's everyone's favorite bearing?

Just curious what you guys think.

Mine is the CenterTrac from CBC and General Yo AIGR bearings.

I don’t really have a favorite, they all play relatively close in my opinion. But if I did have to pick one I would say the CenterTrac.

onedrop 10ball.

I pretty much only throw kk’s. I have 5 of them now and every single one has been virtually silent, and spins longer than any stock bearing I’ve ever received.

Bought one ceramic version and the spin time seems very slightly improved, but it is noisier. Not worth it to me.

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Usually whatever comes stock w/the yoyo, though I do like the occasional KK.

Stock, cause thats the only bearing that worth my time.

I actually really like the yyf spec bearings. They’ve got that perfect hum to them that let’s me know “hey pal, I’m slowing down, bind me” kinda like a shifting transmission. Absolutely quiet bearings are nice too and all but i find myself binding more often because I can’t gauge them as well.

Center track bearings are the best! They doesn’t snagg like kk in my opinion.

OneDrop 10-Balls FTW!!! Deshielded ofcourse

Terrapin x ceramic center assist

Do you guys like ur fav bearing to be shielded or deshielded?

Terrapin xwing ceramic

Konkaves are boss. Mine are quieter then my OD 10 balls…

I love the OD 10 ball. Smooth, quiet, and spins forever. Although I like the new Trifecta from Twisted Stringz, just haven’t had it long enough to become my favorite… Yet.

And my bearings are usually deshielded for ease of cleaning.

Konkaves are all i like to use

I used to like konkaves, now I prefer crucial grooved for the centering action. I think the konkaves are actually a better quality bearing, but I find the crucial bearing’s centering action more useful. Need to try a trifecta yet.

I guess a stock bearing, like a YYF spec. If they’re broken in, they’re just as smooth and quiet as 10 balls, and they don’t have as many issue with maintenance.

SCBearings ;D
Waiting for my first terrapin though.

Basically stock for me. If the bearing is a good working bearing, I’m just happy as can be.

Twisted Strings has their own bearing???