New Bearing:Konkave,Center trac, AIGR,or 10 ball?

exactly what the title says.
Which would you recommend? ???

i would say KK

Cant go wrong with od ten ball


If you can pony up the cash for a ceramic bearing I would, the dead smooth long spinning play is so worth it. It helps my most snaggy yoyos play smoothly

I reccomend General-Yo AIRG Bearings, but I have heard good things about One Drop 10-ball bearings.

i really like the 10 balls because their quiet… i also really love terrapin chrome bearings. they spin for a really long time, if you need to clean them just blow them out with compressed air which is nice you dont have to mess with mineral spirits. only problem with those is that theyre really loud

i should be smooth with 10 ball and quiet BUT if you are aiming for more of a physical performance like making the string not touch the sides of the yoyo i would go for kk bearing. I also find that the string not touching the sides of the yoyo is more important than smoothness.

KKs or Center Tracs are useless. Flat bearings are better.

I recommend buying 10 ball bearings. But if you want a little sound in your bearing, try the YYJ Speed bearing.

If you say so ::slight_smile:

Preference I guess? Haha.

KK’s and Center Tracs aren’t bad bearings, but, generally, the flat bearings are of higher quality IMO. AIGR FTW?

When I was starting out I thought that I “needed” a konkave bearing to improve my playing. Once I got it I realized that it really didn’t effect my play that much. So after two weeks I traded it for a offstring yoyo.

I’ve owned YYJ, YYF, KK’s, and 10 ball. Currently, all my yoyo’s have 10 balls in them, yes even the YYJ’s and YYF’s. I like them better than any other I’ve tried.

I almost HATE threads like this, or which yoyo is the best? Because some one may hate the KK and someone else Love it, so these people give their opinions to these new people and it may change the way they look at this product now. Honestly in the past, I just look up reviews and see what will fit me best, instead of seeing a bunch of posts saying KK sucks, go with center trac, or use the Flat ya know. Now im not here starting drama, but as far as yoyotig3r, bro id look up some reviews, and see what would be best for you. Ive been using my YYF Dv888 for a few weeks, and I just ordered a Center Trac bearing, now I may not need it, but heck I got it because it was 10 bux, and to try it out, may or may not help me out. And if i dont like it, ill Sell, trade or just buy something else. Now i know this may sound crazy, but one of these days im going to go thru all the bearings and see what I like, Ill play with my center trac for a month, then get a 10 ball, then a KK and see what I like the most out of all of them. Now as far as a $30 kk, idk about that haha. But this is just my personal feed back. Hope this helps everyone.