Therapin, KonKave, Centre Trac, Crucial Grooved or Terrapin X Bearing

I never owned any bearing except from flat bearing, and I’ve been playing for about 6 months and I’ve decided I’m going to get one. So which one of these bearing plays smoothest?

Its a preference thing and when it comes down to it, you only really need a flat bearing. None of these bearings are going to really improve play and if they do its only by a little. Out of these I’ve played both a Center Track and KK, but neither improved the spin or play of my yoyo. They are all good bearings so I would go w/ what can you afford?

Terrapins are really good.

This. However, you can get a different bearing if you want, but I would suggest getting more than just a couple bearings on a shipment, especially to Australia, so that the shipping becomes not worthless.

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I played with Konkaves and Center Tracs for almost a year and a half but recently I’ve been really finding an appreciation for flat bearings. They just feel better all around in my opinion, and they hold a suicide loop much better than any kind of centered bearing would. If that’s not a big part of your style, then I’d go for whichever. With care, any of these bearings would be as smooth as the other.

My order of recommendation is as follows:
Flat bearing
Terrapin X
Center Trac
(I’ve never played a Crucial grooved)

Good point, I didn’t realize he was in Australia ;D

I do enjoy the TerraPin bearings because they don’t need cleaned or lubed.

But as far as bearings being used for centering the string, it is utterly useless.

Play with the bearing that came with your yoyo.
It comes with it for a reason.

if you do get another bearing, get a terrapin

I personally live kks and center tracks

But they don’t make your yoyo extremely better than before

I’d be willing to bet that if you were to have a blind test pitting a flat bearing against any or all of those mentioned that very few, if anyone would be able to tell the difference. I think it’s probably more a psychological thing than anything. If by chance that there were some discernable difference, it would probably be so minimal that it wouldn’t really make a difference in your play. That being said, the only difference I can tell between the various bearings I have in my yoyos (stock Duncan, YYJ, YYF, center trac and 10-ball) is that the 10-ball is ninja quiet and feels “a bit” smoother. The difference in play is negligible.

i love 10 ball bearings, they just feel…right…

they last forever, and, on a certain site i am not allowed to mention…you can buy them in bulk.

Don’t worry I’ll get it when I buy my next yoyo ;D

terrapins are amazing

i agree 10 ball bearings are good but i found that the kk actually did improve my spin time

you will never need longer then a 3 minute sleeper ordinarily.

No it didn’t. You can think that all you want, but it really didn’t, unless you have a bad throw and the string doesn’t center, in which case you just need to work on your throw.

Go towards the light, the suited men are waiting.

Terrapins are the best by far. They do improve my play.

Terrapin are like… Kyo’s bearings. Treated with a coat of something that John won’t explain :stuck_out_tongue: