Therapin, KonKave, Centre Trac, Crucial Grooved or Terrapin X Bearing


I never owned any bearing except from flat bearing, and I’ve been playing for about 6 months and I’ve decided I’m going to get one. So which one of these bearing plays smoothest?


Its a preference thing and when it comes down to it, you only really need a flat bearing. None of these bearings are going to really improve play and if they do its only by a little. Out of these I’ve played both a Center Track and KK, but neither improved the spin or play of my yoyo. They are all good bearings so I would go w/ what can you afford?


Terrapins are really good.


This. However, you can get a different bearing if you want, but I would suggest getting more than just a couple bearings on a shipment, especially to Australia, so that the shipping becomes not worthless.


I played with Konkaves and Center Tracs for almost a year and a half but recently I’ve been really finding an appreciation for flat bearings. They just feel better all around in my opinion, and they hold a suicide loop much better than any kind of centered bearing would. If that’s not a big part of your style, then I’d go for whichever. With care, any of these bearings would be as smooth as the other.

My order of recommendation is as follows:
Flat bearing
Terrapin X
Center Trac
(I’ve never played a Crucial grooved)


Good point, I didn’t realize he was in Australia ;D

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I do enjoy the TerraPin bearings because they don’t need cleaned or lubed.

But as far as bearings being used for centering the string, it is utterly useless.

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Play with the bearing that came with your yoyo.
It comes with it for a reason.

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if you do get another bearing, get a terrapin

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I personally live kks and center tracks

But they don’t make your yoyo extremely better than before


I’d be willing to bet that if you were to have a blind test pitting a flat bearing against any or all of those mentioned that very few, if anyone would be able to tell the difference. I think it’s probably more a psychological thing than anything. If by chance that there were some discernable difference, it would probably be so minimal that it wouldn’t really make a difference in your play. That being said, the only difference I can tell between the various bearings I have in my yoyos (stock Duncan, YYJ, YYF, center trac and 10-ball) is that the 10-ball is ninja quiet and feels “a bit” smoother. The difference in play is negligible.


i love 10 ball bearings, they just feel…right…

they last forever, and, on a certain site i am not allowed to mention…you can buy them in bulk.


Don’t worry I’ll get it when I buy my next yoyo ;D


terrapins are amazing


i agree 10 ball bearings are good but i found that the kk actually did improve my spin time


you will never need longer then a 3 minute sleeper ordinarily.


No it didn’t. You can think that all you want, but it really didn’t, unless you have a bad throw and the string doesn’t center, in which case you just need to work on your throw.

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Go towards the light, the suited men are waiting.


Terrapins are the best by far. They do improve my play.

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Terrapin are like… Kyo’s bearings. Treated with a coat of something that John won’t explain :stuck_out_tongue: