Best bearing?

So there are a bunch of bearings, such as Center Tracs, 10 Balls, Konkave, SPEC (8 ball), Speed (8 ball), and Crucial Grooved, but which one is the best??

Whatever works for you, there is no best, there is only preference.

I like flat bearings, I don’t really care what kind.

The one in the yoyo I’m currently throwing.

Most of the community recognizes the 10 ball and terrapin bearing as the best. I like 10 ball for its quiet play. For replacements I just get Aoda concaves. They are extremely inexpensive and play close to noiseless.

I like steel konkave the best, but someone else might hate it. It’s really a preference thing. Flat vs centering? More or less centering? I think most steel bearings fall in the $8-$15 range. You should just start picking up one or two with your orders until you find what you like.

It is just preference, if you like a certain type of bearing, use it.


I’m a 10ball or Terrapin fan, personally. I’m not big on the centering bearings - exception being Terrapin Wing, it’s not nearly as concaved as the others out there - what I run into with centering bearings is too much string and they bind unexpectedly on me - terrapins wing gets string in the middle, but plays more like a flat.

I’ve never used ceramic, so I can’t speak to it - but I’ve been told it only gives you a minimal amount of extra spin time, and a proper throw on steel gives you more spin time then you can really use, so why would you need more… but that’s second hand knowledge, not experience…

I dont understand why everyone loves 10 balls, the only thing they do better then stock is be silent. My konkaves all spin 3 times longer when flicked then with the 10 ball (when the 10 ball still worked)

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I run a terrapin wing ceramic in my Sasquatch an stock bearings in very thing else. The 10 ball in my burnside is smooth as butter and very quiet also. I like the terrapin and the 10 ball the most

Just a quick reply to an old onedrop forum review when TX S/C bearings were still up for bidding:

Review: Terrapin X - Wing Bearing (Ceramic Hybrid)
I got mine (S/C) on Saturday, put it into my P2 and I haven’t been able to put it down yet. It’s the best bearing I’ve ever thrown, just unbelievable. Even though the inset groove is slight, oh so slight, the string finds the center every time without the invasive center bunching of the KonKave.
If you think about paying $30 for a KK ceramic, you’d have to be crazy not to bid up to $40 for this. The X-Wing is better in every respect.

agreed. i just got mine today, super fast shipping, and the best bearing i have EVER used.
if this bearing is a 10, i would give the Ceramic KK a 9, but these are also so much cheaper, which value wise, FAR surpasses every other bearing out there.

10 ball gets vote.

Also agreed/ I’ve got a few of everything, KK’s, 10 ball, Crucial Grooved… in general, some bearings do work more ideal in certain yoyos. Other than that, I prefer Terrapin X. My problem is I can’t decide which yoyo to put my Terrapin X SC into…

Well thank God I’m not the only person in this world with that same exact problem :wink:

Well, I got a 10 ball bearing in my CYYC Flyer, and the spin times are great, but it kept tilting and slowing down with more complex wraps and string tricks.

Also, I want to switch over from Center Trac to 10 ball, but it’s just those reasons why I hesistate

personally, I LOVE my 10ball. no sound, like, at all, and DANG long! (see what i did there?)

switch over from center trac to TERRAPIN X BEARINGS!!! ive only hear one person ever say anything bad about them, (and he got them already used a whole bunch) but countless people say bad things about the CBC, KK, 10 ball, etc…

so far my favorite all around bearing is the crucial grooved, but i’ve noticed that different bearings do different things in different yoyos hence, i’ve got a crucial grooved in my couple high end metal throws, but it seems like they don’t do nearly as much good in my cheaper plastics and bi-metals so in those i just leave the stock bearing in.

I find the best bearings I can get, all ABEC 5 or above.
Then I cut and treat them in shop, every step tested.
When you have a bearing manufacturer make them with a unusual outer race profile you get the whole lot, no ABEC rating.
Some are good, some are so so.

ABEC ratings only tell you how tight the tolerances are on the diameters and widths of the races and the runout. Those measurements mean nothing in the yo-yo world aside from being another buzzword to throw around.