How do I pick a bearing???


I want some quiet super long spinning dead smooth bearings! (don’t have to be string centering!)

What’s the best of the best?


Most people are going to COMPLETELY disagree with this, but I like strung centering bearings a lot. I use a Buddha ripple bearing. It centers the string, and makes my yoyo much smoother and quieter. I also like 10 balls.


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#1 terrapin sc, #2 10ball, #3 whatever came in the yoyo. unless what came in it is a center trac in which case I will put anything else in it. not a big CT or KK fan, although I do have 1 yoyo that I feel plays substantially better with a KK (yuuksta)

I can certainly notice the difference between a yoyo using a terrapin, 10ball or stock but it is not a huge difference. I think I own 4 terrapins and probably 5-6 10balls (3 of which came stock in a yoyo I bought) and doubt I will ever buy another bearing. I win the “oops household living room world yoyo contest” every time I throw whether my yoyo spins for X seconds or X+10 seconds because there is an expensive bearing in it. If someone wanted to upgrade their bearings then terrapin really is the best as far as I’m concerned though.

That said, I think finding a string that works well for you is very important.


A wooden fixed axle.


Dif-e-yo KK or Trifecta/Ripples. I like centre tracks but they get a bit noisy for my liking.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #7

10-ball Concaves. CT’s play well, but I hate the noise.


I play with whatever the yoyo came with (except I normally put a CT in One Drops, because I don’t like 10 ball bearings). I trust the manufacturer to put in the bearing that is best suited to the yoyo they are making.


What’s best is what YOU seem to like best in a particular yoyo.

After that, quiet should be a secondary concern.

I use different bearings in different yoyos for different reasons. Well, not really. The reason is always the same: it’s what I like best in there. Mostly though, I end up with the stock bearing.

Buy some bearings and experiment. It’s fun.


Wait, so this guy just baited us into giving him advice? Eh, I can’t complain really…


Imho, there’s no “best bearing”
To me it’s just like the many other aspects of yo-yoing (that doesn’t sound correct to me, haha). For example, there could be a hype in different throws, but you can stick to your own opinion on which return top is best. There are people who can say the Peak is the best throw. I have one, and I prefer my Summit over it. This works with strings as well. Some like the fat strings, whereas I prefer the thinner ones, or in a more general manner, some think toxic strings are best, but others prefer kitty string over it.
Of course, this then applies to bearings. I remember first starting, and I was amazed at the string centering bearings, like the concave KK or the terrapin, but when I tried them out, I ran back to the OD 10 Ball. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sc bearings, but with the noise they make, I don’t think the extra sleep time is worth it when a strong, clean throw with a 10 ball can match the sc.

It’s all preference, like I said. It sounds costly, but I would just pick a variety and choose from there.


Exactly this. Asking what the best bearing is like asking what the best yoyo is.

If you want to hear my opinion, I like OD ten balls. They’re cheap and smooth, and really, I don’t feel that the extra money you pay for fancier bearings is worth it. Remember, its the yoyoer, not the equipment. Don’t think buying a gold-plated bearing is gonna make you good.


If you can out throw it get a better one…


One Drop 10 ball or KonKave bearing.


I don’t really understand this…by out-throw what do you mean?


He may or may not be talking about a yoyo.
I mean, after a month or two of starting I definitely started to out throw a freak hand and it was just asking to be put down and for me to get a new throw.


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I’ve been told that most terrapin bearings are fairly loud from what I’ve heard and I believe 10 balls are the more silent


I am a big fan of the Terrapin X bearings.

I will say that they are a touch loud. They make a rather distinctive whiz sound when spinning. However, the yoyo itself seems to be the biggest factor in how loud it gets.

One Drop 10 balls are quieter. Even Dry play treated, they are quieter. I am comparing these to the older 8-ball Terrapin X bearings. I think the newer 10 ball Terrapin X bearings might be a big quieter.

Who-ever told you that was correct. This ain’t gonna stop me from buying and using Terrapin X bearings though.