what bearing would u recommend using regularly in my yoyos. i like the kk but i wanna try the ten ball. im looking to buy a bunch of bearings to put in all of my yoyos

Yyj speed bearing

I use the bearing that comes with the yo-yo.


Same here…

Really any bearing will be more than enough.
But 10-balls are rated the best.

stock bearing

Unless you have no bearings in your yoyos, there is no reason to buy new bearings. Having three or so for backups is alright, but no more than that. If you have no extras, I reccomend 10-balls and SPEC bearings. Center Tracs are also pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

LOL, so do I. ;D :smiley:

Seems to me all stock bearings play about the same. KK’s are for old school pad yoyos.
In my cheep yoyos I clean the whatever came with it. In my good ones I put in a Terrapin. I tried one at the 09 Worlds in my P2 and been throwing them ever since.

The number of balls in the bearing has really no effect on sapin time or anything.

YYJ speed bearings, SPEC bearings are mostly what I see used. I do Personally use a KK in my BASSBoost, but I haven’t nioticed any effect on spins or anything that would make me want saomething specific in my yoyos. Just use what comes stock, play the yoyo, not the bearing.

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Yes. I put a KK in my Journey, and it played the same.

I perfer 10 balls and AGIR bearings.

I like bearings that go over the yoyo axle and spin when you flick them ;D A bearing is a bearing to me I don’t waste money anymore on special bearings they don’t perform any better than stock ones.

If you have the money, try a ceramic bearing. Other than that, I like to stick with stock.

stock bearing will do fine.

but i like bearing with string centering feature. but not necessarily. :slight_smile:

The Center-Trac, or KonKave you mean. :wink:

yes, they give me more stability anyway. . . :slight_smile: