Dark magic Konkave and center track

I have a dark magic with stock bearing and was wondering which would be a better improvement? KonKave stainless steel, or center track bearing? Also is the ceramic KonKave worth the double price.

youd get better by playing with a flat stock. id suggest getting a tenball bearing. its flat and is longer spinning quiet and smooth. while the kk is an animal (not the good way) and screams at you.

They aren’t upgrades, just different bearings.

where do i buy a 10 ball bearing?

Whats wrong with the bearing that’s in it? I’ve got a stock YYJ bearing in one of my bully’s and it spins forever.

yup they are stock bearings in other yoyos

it spins for like 20 sec with a strong sleeper

Work on your throw and it’ll sleep for MUCH longer.

i timed it and it slept for 37 seconds. What am i doing wrong, it wasn’t touching the sides, it was as strong as i could throw it.

Just keep yoyoing and your throw will get better in time.

YoYo a lot in the next week or so, and then time your throw. I bet it will be better :wink:

Dont clock spin times…they mean nothing. Stock YYJ bearings are fine, dont waste your money on a useless KK or CT.

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They aren’t useless since they give a different feel to the yoyo which some people like, but I do agree that they aren’t needed to make your throw better.

why does everyone say forever? my bearings dont spin “forever” you would need magnesium and a magnetic force to make a bearing spin, “forever”

its a figure of speach to say it spins long. you know that.

Another useless post.

Also you don’t need another bearing. Just play it and see if things get better. I bet you they will.

I agree with u man. When i started yoyoing i could only get up to about 30 secs. But now my DM can get up to 3 min with a good throw.(10-ball bearing)

I hated my stock bearing in my Lyn when I first got it but now that it’s broken in, it plays like a dream! Work the bearing and you will find in time it will be nice and fast.