What are the YoYoExpert bearings like?

Who has purchased the YoYoExpert Replacement Bearings available in the YoYoExpert shop? What are they like? Will they be a significant upgrade to YoYoJam stock bearings? How do they compare to other popular bearings?

They aren’t better, just different. They give a little bit different feel to the yoyo. You honestly have to try one for yourself to feel the difference, however minute of a difference it is.

I like mine and it plays really good and spins really long.

In the end, bearings are bearings are bearings.

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The yoyo plays how good you are, thats it.


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Wel some bearings come prelubed which can cause them to start out responsive. Or they have a break in period


Unnecessary statement was here.

A lot of bearing stuff is preference. A bearing that seems really low quality, or messed up, or whatever to me might seem incredible to you. And vise versa. You will probably have to find someone who has one and try it, or just buy one.

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If your YYJ stock is one of the rusty bearings that comes with Lyn then the YYE bearing is better. The rustys arent as smooth as a stainless bearings and the rust snags sometimes the string.

Yeah, what’s with the rusting?

Some people are saying that bearings are bearings are bearings, and that how they perform depends entirely upon the person throwing the yo-yo. While I agree that any bearing will suck if you cannot play well, I would also wager that even the best players here would prefer a Dif-E-Yo KonKave over a stock YoYoJam, and that most would unequivocally say that the KonKave is a better bearing.

However, I understand that when bearings are not vastly different in quality, how well they perform largely depends on the performer, and that a good player will be able to make more of a basic bearing than a bad player would be able to make of one that is slightly better.

Wrong. To the best players, it doesn’t matter, because they throw straight anyway.
Spec is the same as Konkave.
Konkave is the same as spec.
Yoyojam Speed is the same as Spec.
Spec is the same as everything else.

Theyre all bearing. The difference is beyond minimal you wont even notice it.

Get a better sleeper.

Gosh. The best players are the ones who DO have bearing preferences. They all have a different feel and what not. Sure they are bearings, but each has its own differences and qualities.

On the contrary, skill grants the ability to exceed preference and play with anything.
They’re all the same bearing. They will all play equally as well. Ceramic may add 5-10 seconds to your sleep time. Unnoticeable. However CT and KK -BOTH- do nothing for your throw if it was throw straight in the first place.


each bearing has a different feel, I personally love my 10 balls

(In my opinion)
speed: Gets the job done, works, but isn’t the smoothest feeling, little loud

CT: I never noticed it centering the string, so that’s negligable, made my yoyo feel like hollow plastic.

spec: longer spinning SPEED

10 ball: reqire a little breaking in, but they are my favorite, they give a yoyo this subtle quality that I cannot explain.

also, keep in mind a special bearing does not only center the string on a throw, when doing mickey’s gyro flop to horizontal revolutions style trick, the center trac/konkave can center the sting, keeping it away from the sides, a valuable asset in horizontals.

It’s all in your head.

I have to agree w/ Mi on this one. Plus, if the yoyo doesn’t feel right to me, its not going to matter what bearing I put in it. I have yet to find a YYF that I’m pleased w/ and I have tried swapping out the bearing, thinking that might be the issue, and they still don’t feel right to me. I’ve taken YYF’s bearings an put them into other throws that I love and the throw still plays awesome IMO. And please, YYF fan, don’t jump all over me because I’m not a fan, this is just an example of my preferences, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s the same as throwing regularly. The part that kills people on horizontal is keeping the string from hitting the sides of the yoyo a little bit away from the center of the yoyo, not around where the bearing is. (like fixing a yoyos tilt, but on accident, and adding to the tilt)

I didn’t expect this to set off such an argument, although, I’m guessing by Internet standards, this is considered quite minor. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason why I had originally asked this was because I previously had a sufficiently strong throw to keep a sleeper going for over a minute and complete such tricks as Cold Fusion (not particularly complicated for some of you, I know, but it was the most complicated trick I could perform with consistency, so I’m using that as my benchmark). Since then, I’ve been having issues keeping a sleeper going that long with that bearing, and have been unable to complete Cold Fusion. Applying lube to the exterior of the bearing has barely helped, and I have not had the nerve to take the thing apart and clean it/lube it from the inside. This is why I was considering a new bearing, although, seeing the strong response I’ve gotten on this thread as well as a number of tutorial videos on these forums, I will likely just bite the bullet and take apart the existing bearing and service it.

Lubing the outside of the bearing wont provide anything but friction I would think and slow down the spin. Might even eat away at the plastic or anno on the yoyo.

The bearing isnt hard to clean, it takes 1 minute to deshield, 2 minutes to soak and 1 minute to spin dry or air compress it out. You dont need to put the shields back on.

You can use any acetone, but the best is Mineral Spirits pain tthinner. You should be able to get it at Walmart.