How come high priced yoyos come with the same bearings as cheep ones?

Seems like everything else I mess with, cars, motorcycles even skateboards, when you pay more you get better everything. With a yoyo I can pay 10 times more and get the same guts.

not always. dif-e-yo yoyos and i think some high end yoyofactorys come with concave bearings. one drop yoyos come with 10-ball bearings. some string theory yoyos come with terrapin treated bearings.
the response is all preference, and i’ve never heard of a high end axle (correct me if i’m wrong).

They aren’t. They are putting really good bearings in cheap yoyo’s. Not cheap bearings in good yoyo’s.

There just aren’t that many bearings for yoyo’s around so what you get is what you get.


Yeah, what Icthus said. There really isn’t going to be a huge difference between the “cheap” bearings and the “expensive” ones. Sure there might be a little bit of a difference in quality control at the factory, but a bearing is still a bearing.

Its a bearing, its the last thing I look for in a yoyo, Any bearing is good, no such thing as a cheap bearing.




  1. Not to fond of the ones with a big U in them. Terrapins are cool.

  2. WHAT?

  3. Quality control would be a good start.

  4. In five minutes I found 1/4x1/2x3/16in. bearings for sale online ranging from
    99¢ for one to $159 also for one. And everything in between.

  1. yeah, sometimes they do use different bearings for different throws. like A phenomizm comes with a KK instead of the standard flat yyj bearing. or a Monster comes stock with a center track, instead of the standard SPEC bearing yyf uses.

  2. Icthus was saying that they put high quality bearings in all their throws, including their cheaper stuff. So it’s not like they’re using low quality bearings in their more expensive yoyos.
    Just to try to give a comparison, it would be like if zumies just put bones reds in everything, from high end completes like enjoi or element, to the lower end stuff like a walmart board. instead of putting lower quality abec 3 bearings in their cheap stuff, the just use quality for everything.

  3. I’m pretty sure all of the companies here have good quality control. I’ve never received a defective yoyo or bearing.

  4. again, all the bearings they use are good quality, and sufficient for yoyoing. Instead of looking at what bearing a yoyo comes with, the shape, weight distribution, size, and just general things about the throw itself are what sets them apart from one another.

Every beginner goes through a KK phase. Every forum is filled with bearing problems.
What yoyo bearings are ABEC rated. And who wants just sufficient in a $100+ throw.

kks are good for sleep time, and pretty much everything but suicides.
most of the bearing problems are just from something getting stuck in the bearing, and is fixed by simply cleaning it.
I just used the skateboard bearings as an example.
And as my signature says, it’s the throw, not the yo. you can get several minute sleeps with any stock bearing. I’ve never had a problem with sleep time using any of my $100 throws.
and the weight distribution of the yoyo itself determines the sleep time more than the bearing does.

Skateboards are a good analogy. If you’re getting a good one online or a good shop
you can swap out the bearings no problem. All sorts of choices. US and Swiss made ceramics
to ABEC 9.
You can tell the difference a good bearing makes in a yoyo way more then a skateboard.
Go on a MX forum and mention performance and riders are all over it. You guys seem complacent.
That’s cool. One day you still might try a good bearing.
It’s the yo and the throw, with just several minutes, you don’t have either.

Look up Oxy yoyos. They use a titanium axle.

And to answer your problem secondskin, a bearing is a bearing is a bearing in yoyoing.

That’s usually because people do stupid things to them. In all the years I’ve been using bearing yoyos I’ve never had a problem with the bearings with the exception of a couple of yoyos I received in trades where the original owner did something stupid to them, like burning off the solvent or grabbing it too vigorously with a pliers. I have quite a varied collection from a variety of companies.

Exactly. This is true people.

The H-spin beysick comes with a steel bearing instead of a hybrid plastic metal bearing like there highends.

I’m sorry but I’ve tried every bearing under the sun. I can get the same sleep time with my 4 year old kickside bearing comparing it to a ceramic, KK, CT and any other bearing. Oh and this is the same bearing I have been using WD-40 in just to prove that it won’t hurt your bearing. I put it in a Bully and got over 8 minute spin. So tell me I haven’t used a good bearing. Also tell me that cheap bearings are bad. They aren’t.

Abec isn’t anything usable in yoyo’s. It’s nothing more than a load rating. With a yoyo, there is no load.
I can get the same spin time out of an abec 1 vs an abec 9. Same amount of vibe. Same amount of time usable.
Don’t get me wrong. There are “some” bearings that are horrible. Not many yoyo makers even think about buying them. So I say if you get a yoyo with a bearing in it. It will last you a good long time if it’s just taken care of properly. No need for “good” bearings. Stock ones will do more than you can.

I was going to stay quiet, but…

Less-expensive bearings are indeed used in more-expensive yo-yos. I would go as far to say that neither the more expensive bearing nor the more expensive yo-yo are “better” than their less expensive counterparts.

Bearings don’t do tricks. Neither do yo-yos. Watch a video of my yo-yo and bearing trying to do a trick:

If you are really all that peeved about less-expensive bearings being in yo-yos, go use fixed axles.



I must say BOOYA! Well said Jacob.

it’s the throw way more than the yoyo. Kimmit won with a northstar. Takeshi won a few years ago with a lyn fury, beating miggy who was using a genesis.

Since when? I’ve never liked center track/KK bearings…

Funny how easy it is to spot when a persons entire education on radial bearings
is acquired on yoyo forums.