Should professional yoyos come with bearings?

When buying a yoyo you get to choose what you like! Sadly, you are in no control of what pre-installed bearing it may come with. Maybe you like Ceramic bearings, 10 ball bearings, 8 ball bearings, Center Trac bearings, Wing cut bearings, ect.

You may not like the bearing it comes with, but you still pay for it right? You may even replace it with one you have or buy one online from the same distributor.

Wouldn’t it be better if manufactures stop pre-installing bearings for the yoyos and allow the consumer to choose his or her preferred bearing inside? Any Opinions?




Would either of you like to elaborate?

I think that this is a nice concept, and maybe for those people paying $200+ for their high-end yo-yo’s this would even be welcomed. If they aren’t going to come with bearings, then they shouldn’t come with pads, either.

This should not happen. Every yoyo is mass produced and given the bearing the company wants in it. If they did your idea then everytime they were to send out a yoyo. They’d have to take it apart just to put in the bearing you want. Plus you would still have to pay the bearing price.

Most people don’t really have a preference and don’t have spare bearings. I would think most people, including me, just want to get the yoyo in their hands and be able to throw it first thing without having to worry about an extra $15 purchase.


I believe that it should be up to the manufacturer to decide what bearings they believe preformes the best in their product.
An example of something like this is when clyw started putting ctx bearings in there return tops in mid to late 2013. People became upset with the fact that the bearings had to be broken in unlike their previous bearings. Clyw got bashed about this so much that they actually stopped putting ctx bearings in their return tops and started using dry, flat (and awful imo) 10 ball bearings. Only recently has clyw now been using ctx’s in their products again because they have come to the revalation that they should be using the bearings that they like best as the maker. Good job clyw :slight_smile:


For me, although I have my preferences, I don’t think a bearing makes or breaks a yoyo and I want to throw it as soon as I get it. I always cycle my bearings around anyway. I also think that manufacturers get bearings a lot cheaper than we can so I doubt it would impact the cost all that much, please correct me if I am wrong. So if I want to put something fancy in a particular throw I have an extra clean one on hand.

This is just incorrect. Companies could just not buy bearings.

I don’t support this idea, but I think that it would definitely add a nice elite aspect to your yo-yo purchase.

I really don’t care about my bearing, and I have only two, so I’d want extra bearings to come with my yoyo lol.

I sort of like experiencing what the manufacturer wants to put in their Yoyo. While I have preferences, I always give stock a chance and more often than not am very happy.

If we use YYF as an example, the OneStar has the option for flat or center track bearing, depending on colorway. Price difference $0.50. While choose your bearing is an interesting business model, I don’t know if the YYE staff has the available bandwidth to be swapping bearings (never mind still getting orders out the door with amazing speed). It does seem to open the door for huge human error (I ordered x in y colorway with a CTX, you sent me x in z colorway with a center track).

Maybe a high end manufacturer could offer this, but, it seems to be a lot of trouble.

No it is too much of a hazzle to do that for a company. You should just buy the bearings that you like and replace the stock ones from the yoyos if that is what you desire.

Some yoyos might get vibe from unscrewing to put a new bearing in

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Might get vibe? More like a 100% chance if you dare to unscrew a yoyo.


If you unscrew a yoyo and it gets vibe its a pretty terrible yoyo in my opinion.

well yeah but some yoyorecreation yoyos did

Ugh, this old myth again.

Yoyos are meant to be unscrewed. End of story.

I think some of us stumble across preferences or have revelations after trying a stock bearings and pads anyhow. I don’t know for sure that I would have gone out of my way to find CTX bearings (I already liked KK) but having them come with the yoyo showed me that they’re great bearings!

“Pro” level yoyo is kind of a misnomer anyhow… you can get an allegedly “pro” yoyo as your first yoyo if you want. They’re readily available and not all that expensive in the grand scheme of things. They have to ship it with some sort of reasonable bearing because they cannot predict if the buyer is going to be a newbie or somebody with a stash of spares.

Offering a choice of bearing is a non-starter from a logistics point of view.

I think it’s overstating it to say that manufacturers match a bearing perfectly to a yoyo. I think there’s “some” thought put in, but in the case of OD it’s “We found this great bearing that we like, and we include it with all our yoyos”. In the case of YYF it’s “Any yoyo that’s at that ‘next level’ gets a CT or CTX; errthing else gets a SPEC, which is good enough…”. I’m sure other companies have other reasons for their choices (C3 Krown comes with KK because Shinya likes KK, for example).

Nothing wrong with “good enough”, mind you. As long as the yoyo is well-playable out of the box, they’ve done their job.


Not really. That was more of a disclaimer in case it happened. It was not by yyr and it is rumored that it’s why that store isn’t carrying yyr anymore. They were getting a lot of negative publicity. I have unscrewed all my yyr over two dozen times and they are dead smooth.