Which bearing do you use?

Type which bearing do you use with it’s reason.

Dudies.I’m looking for a bearing. I have killed mine. Help me. lol

I reccomend the Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing. They’re $9 on the yoyoexpert shop right now, great deal and a fantastic bearing!

1: Depends on the yoyo. First, match the bearing size to what the yoyo requires.

2: After that, you may have limited choices. Flats are no big deal.

3: Assuming choices, I try to find what bearing best matches the yoyo. I don’t have a single answer as the answer varies. I like Trifecta in my Burnside. In my stock Code 2 I prefer the stock One Drop 10 Ball, but in my heavier Code 2 with disc side effects, I like the Terrapin X 10 Ball bearing. In my Speeder and Meteor, I ended up preferring KK’s in those over the stock flats, yet in my Chaser, I preferred the stock bearing. In my DM2’s, I like Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings. In my Sharp and Half & Half, I put in Crucial Grooved bearings. In my Trigger, I put in a Dimple Buddha Bearing. I forget what I popped a Centertrac into recently, but I know I really ended up liking it.

So, what yoyo are you looking to replace the bearing in?

I prefer KonKaves.

I use normal bearings.
There is no way we can recamend something and know you will like it. Simply no possible. I can just throw out names and kinds of bearing and say what I think about them but you may think something totaly differnt.
Bearings are bearings. Thats reality. but they having grooves cut into them, or running beefcake setups and whatnot make the yoyo act slightly differnt, and possibly in a way you like.
In other words you really just are going to have to buy them and use them anything we say won’t make a differance and really will be of no help.

Konkaves are my favorite, they seem to improve most of the throws.

OD 10-balls are one of my favorites, but they take a lot of care to keep them working awesome

OD Ten Balls and AIGR bearings are the best nonceramic flats.

I decided to get a dif-e-yo bearing but there are 2 different bearings. Ceramic and normal. Can someone tell me what is the different?

And what about center trac bearings?

Dudies, my yoyo is a Turning Point Leviathan 3(to who says it depends to the yoyo)

I don’t really see the advantage to the ceramics for how I play, so for me, it’s a waste of money. They are supposed to have less friction due to the use of ceramic balls instead of steel balls. They are also supposed to be smoother and give longer spin times. I’m not seeing any appreciable difference in my opinion. Yes, I do get 15 more seconds of spin time on other ceramics I have, but for me, 15 seconds isn’t going to make a difference.

And to address those of us who says it depends on the yoyo:
OK, so it’s a Leviathon 3. Big deal. Our opinion doesn’t matter. You need to figure out what works best for you in there. Try different bearings and figure out what works best for you. A got an MVP via BST with a ceramic KK. Didn’t like it. Put in a Centertrac and like it better. That’s not to say I don’t like KK’s, it’s just not what worked best for me in that MVP. That’s your key: What works best for you.

The centertrac features raised edges and a flat surface. This keeps the string away from the sides, but also allows for natural string movement within the flat area. It’s not “centering”, but a good throw will have it pretty much centered anyways. I can’t say anything bad about these bearings. It’s a good bearing.

With KK’s, due to the curve, all the strings want to bunch together, which can be a problem for some players with many layers in the gap since everything gets pulled into the center. For the most part it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I have read a note like that in a site:

They are designed to be best spinning and performing yo-yos for the competition scene. They are not designed to spin smoothly or elegantly. They might vibrate after unscrewing/screwing once or twice. They are very tight with body and bearing locks. The color might have some smear due to the material they chose for the best performance. They are like Formula-1 racing cars. They are very sensitive with tuning, adjusting and balance. You can ruin the yo-yo with any normal action you might think normal. Again, they are the formula-1 cars, be ready for driving them. Also, all yo-yos are tested by hand of YYR crews, so all piece is approved by them to meet their standard. If you have any problem with their yo-yos, play and maintain them like a pro, they are sold for pros, not for the collectors or amateurs.

Once it spins, it is not defective. And once you unscrew the yo-yo, it is your responsibility what happens after that. No exchanging after you unscrew their yo-yo.

Why would a yoyo vibrate after you screw/unscrew it?(I dont really know what does screw/unscrew means though) You might know the reason. Why are YYR crews creating yoyos like ‘‘formula 1 cars’’ ?

It’s on their web site. I’m not sure if it’s for entertainment purposes or CYA practices. I mean, what if you can’t get out a knot? Are you expected to cut the string and then dig out the rest? Even the best can drop a GT into the gap, or have a bad bind. If this attitude were true, due to temperature variances that can occur in shipping(from normal reasonable sea level temperatures to BELOW FREEZING in the belly of a cargo plane), it’s impossible to guarantee anything when it travels great distances. Plus, how else are you going to change the response when it wears?

Definition: Unscrewing, in regards to a yoyo. This is the process of turning the halves in typically a counterclockwise direction so as to be able to take the yoyo apart. Since the yoyo uses some sort of a screw-type device(such a a set screw, bolt or other screw-type aparatus), the term unscrewing is completely accurate as a term.

Pretty sure that’s just to cover themselves. The formula 1 cars thing is a bit strange to me, but I guess it’s a reasonable ideal. They want their market to be the best of the best, and their community to be full of the kinds of people who attend the big yoyo contests.

To answer your question. Yes something may go wrong if you unscrew a yoyo, the axle may come lose and when you re-tighten it, may strip it a little bit, off balancing the center and cause minimal to probably unplayable amounts of vibe depending on how much damage you inflicted. To actually do this though, is another game entirely, you would have to put so much force into doing it that it would probably hurt you to do it as well.

and FYI I use CenterTracs almost exclusively, I didn’t have much luck with any other bearings and they’re just lying around until I can actually be bothered to spend some time cleaning them out and taking care of them.

You are %100 correct dude.
When you unscrew/screw your yoyo ----> it causes to damage your axle.And if your axle is damaged you will lose balance and eventually it will cause vibrate(as much as i understand).This is not logical, dude. I can put a new axle into the yoyo. This should fix vibrate problem?