How come high priced yoyos come with the same bearings as cheep ones?

Meaning who? Where did you get your education on them?

After you yoyo for a while, the last thing you care about are bearings. As long as you keep them well lubed, they won’t be a problem.

By the nature of my hobby I was staying away from this topic. You are all correct.
So long as you are having fun, it’s just a yoyo.

But this reply reminded me of someone I used to know.

Hmmm, it is the strings that do the tricks, if you think about it actually, hence the term “string tricks”. Thus, shouldn’t high priced yoyos come with better string?

The string, bearing, and yo-yo are tools used to perform a trick, but they do not perform the tricks themselves. You are the one doing the tricks.

Go buy a couple of $100.00-$150.00 abec9 fully ceramic bearings, and use them in your yoyo.
You will have the best bearings money can buy, but I guarantee in time you will come to realize the folly of the purchase, when every yoyo with a 5.00 bearing performs every bit as well as the 150.00 bearing in your yoyo.
Dont you think if a 100.00 bearing gave you an advantage, even just a SLIGHT, a TINY advantage, dont you think every competitor that could afford 100.00 would buy those bearings, or do you think they just haven’t caught on to the whole concept of performance.