favorie bearing thread

there are a lot of bearings out there and I was wondering what everyone else likes

I personally like yoyorecreation and crucial bearings…
what do you guys like and y :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: ;D ::slight_smile: :-\

Depends on the yoyo.

I’ve got a bit of everything. Most of my stuff is stock.

I found the Meteor and Speed explode performance-wise when adding a KK in them.

My Trigger seems to work best with a Buddha Dimple Bearing

I have all my DM2’s set up with Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings.

Trifecta in my Burnside. Terrapin X Dry Play treated, of course!

My Sharps have CenterTracks in them. I also threw one in my Half & Half.

As far as the rest of what I have, most yoyos seem to come with flat bearings an I’m fine with that.

So, for me, it’s not trying to standardize on one bearing or trying to favor one bearing over another. It’s more a matter of finding what bearing works best for me in a particular yoyo. More often than not, I’m usually quite content with the bearing that shipped with the yoyo.

Pretty much whatever they come with.
Parts is parts mostly.

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I tend to favor the OD 10 Ball in all my One Drop’s and General Yo’s. As for CLYW I always use a KK. The only exception is the Canvas where I use a 10 Ball… I do however use one of the Terrapin Ceramic’s in my Wrath and that seems to be a nice fit!!

TWISTED TRIFECTA!!! They are the best bearing I have ever tried! They make any of my yoyos play amazing! I only have 1 but I want to get 3 more!
They are a 10-ball groved bearing.

“Parts is parts.”

“What kind of parts?”

“Pieces parts.”

I like the flat kind

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Terrapin X Wing Cut. Absolutely amazing.

Chinese 10-ball KK.

10 Ball or Center Track.

Does anyone know what bearings mr. B!st uses?

8 ball flat.

Generally favour centre trac bearings in all my yoyos with a few exceptions (e.g. the Alpha Crash which gets a tad slippy without a flat).


Center trac

I’ve been liking center trac lately for string centering without as extreme of a kickback (or “thunk”) at the end of a throw as KKs have. Also, KKs don’t allow string segments to slide next to each other very well and this hurts some tricks.

In the end, though, it’s all about matching the bearing to the yoyo. A KK or flat is better than a center trac for some yoyos.

Overall right now, center trac for me.

Whatever is most clean at the time. Usually yyj speed, lately.

YYJ Speed for flat, Crucial for profiled.

A smooth KonKave or Crucial V2 is at the top of my list

awesome to see what everyone else thinks

10 ball with Gorillus Lubicus

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