Vote for your Favorite bearing!

Whats your favorite bearing?!

please tell me if i am forgetting one.

Well there is only one RIGHT answer here.

i put normal flat knowing that without that being a choice, you wouldn’t vote. lol

Maybe he meant it was just a persons preferences… :stuck_out_tongue:

if i got to choose, it would be a crucial bearing. i won’t go out of the way to get one though. stock bearing ftw.

Whatever came in the yoyo I often find is the best bearing. Maybe after a cleaning.

Other than that, I don’t have time to play the “Right bearing in the right throw” game these days.

Really wanna try a gold plated one!!

It used to always be the ten ball for me. But lately I have been favoring the Centertracs in most of my throws. The Ten ball can just be too finicky sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great bearing, it’s smooth and quiet, (usually) and very very smooth when it’s working properly. But lately all my ten balls have been spinning roughly, and squealing. Even though I keep them perfectly clean. It’s just… For lack of a better word Fussy.
I have no such problems with the CT, and it has the added bonus of Centering the string, and takes the Terrapin treatment better.
Maybe I just need to buy some new ten balls.

I just got some Twisted Strings Trifecta bearings. Concaved, grooved, 10 ball. I tend to side with Jayyo and others who know that it’s more about the throw, but damn, I like what I’ve seen so far with these. With the OD 10-ball in my code 2, I barely had enough spin to bind at the end of my paltry matrix-Buddha’s revenge-hipster-Eli hops combo; but with a fresh, lightly lubed Trifecta, my yoyo comes back with a smack! I realize this says something about my throw, but I’ve got a lot to learn still. In the meantime, the trifecta will help–or it’ll be a crutch. We’ll see…

Your forgetting Chico 10 balls, which are actually silent.

Twisted Trifecta Bearing

Typically I love a grooved for learning new tricks and for my regular play a flat or ten ball… BUT… I’ve noticed a slight drag on tricks that require multiple layers of string with a grooved so I’ve switched to center trac instead. They just seem better and are the closest to a flat bearing in that they allow the string to move across the outer race while still providing some centering.

10 ball bearing is winning!

OD 10 ball wins!

twisted trifecta is awesome

mine is still the 10 ball by One Drop. I really am looking forward to trying the new twisted stringz bearing.


i serious just wrote that and then remembered that twisted stringz was giving away a bearing to a few people and switched from my computer to phone to check facebook to see if i won and low and behold i did :slight_smile: looks like the yoyo gods were workin in my favor and now im finally gonna get to try this bearing. super stoked. i will definatly be posting about what i think after a few hours spin time.