If pro yoyos came stock WITHOUT a bearing?

I was just wondering if maybe e pro yoyos we use shouldn’t come with any bearing stock.
I mean, half the time we are changing the bearing from stock to our preferred bearing which puts you around $10 in the hole for each yoyo. I feel like companies like CLYW are trying to please us with a centering bearing, but I’ve heard people complain about cbc bearings and change to crucial or the twisted trifectas.
Does anyone else think that maybe yoyos should cut $10 off their pricetag and come without a stock bearing? ???

I see your logic, but people like me don’t care about the bearing, as long as its unresponsive and spins long enough, its a good bearing

I hate concave bearings in most yoyos… unless they come stock in a yoyo. I enjoy flat bearings and if that flat bearing is a 10ball its that much better… but it doesn’t matter. Your logic makes sense, but its not very practical for a company. They have to provide you with everything that the yoyo needs to work. Thats like getting a car with no tires and the dealership just says “you were going to change them anyways!”.

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This I don’t change the bearing because I have no need to I’m fine with what I got.

I do have preferences when it comes to bearings, but I’ll be happy with anything long-spinning and unresponsive. Stock bearings save me the trouble of going out and getting my own.

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Our company was thinking that haha!

There’s no way on earth CLYW pays full price for their bearings, and the price drop would be less than the cost for a good bearing.


A yoyo has to come with a bearing to use it.

A more usefull solution would being able to pick what bearing goes into the the yoyo you buy. Just like you pick your colorway for a yoyo then you just pick what bearing goes with it.

^That’s a great idea!

I just keep the stock bearings if one of my throws don’t have one.

I am usually happy with what the yoyo comes with.

The problem is that they tune the yoyo from the factory, so if they came stock without a bearing then it would not be nearly as smooth.

What if there was an option on the site to change out the bearing when we ordered a yoyo. Like say I get a new yoyofactory throw, and since I don’t very much care for the flat yoyofactory bearings I could pay a little extra (obviously less than the cost of the new bearing) to swap it out with my bearing of choice, the crucial grooved. Perhaps we could eliminate a little bit of the cost from buying both the yoyo and the new bearing and save Andre a little money because he gets to keep one of the bearings.

It wouldn’t cut the retail price by any appreciable amount. Might be talking a dollar or two on a $100+ yoyo.

Plus, most my bearing are from yoyos that they came with. I just swap them around. Buying a yoyo is my main way of getting bearings.

I think the better option is to include multiple bearings like YYF, YYJ, Deadly Spins or X3 has done in the past.

There is no way, how cutting bearing can take 10$ off price. Also most people want to take yo-yo out of box and throw it, not to look for some bearing first.

Same. As long as it spins and doesn’t fall apart.