i was thinking about getting new bearrings and wanted to know what you guys like since most of you are prob moer experienced than i am ( 9 months ). thanks

What exactly is wrong with your “old” bearings?

He probably broke it…

YYE Bearings are the cheapest ones available. So… get one.

Even if his old bearing isnt broken there nothing wrong with having replacement bearings. The yoyojam speed is good for its price. Many people say that the 1drop 10 ball is one of the best and smoothest beairngs.

i like the 10 ball quite alot and i belive its like 8 bucks, just a few more bucks than the yyf bearings

terrapin x is the best ever… i like it better than the ten ball

Parts is parts.

Go to the hobby store, R/C car department. Find one the same size and see if plays any different than what you already have. Unless you broke it of course, in which case a new one is way better.

some have broke and some need lubing but im not sure if it will even work

the stock bearing in a yoyo.

if you buy another bearing, get a terrapin bearing (sold on ebay)

It depends on how you treat and play the bearing. I just use a normal yyj bearing, clean it, lube it, play it. Mines are dead quiet. I mean Dead bearings tell no fail

center tracks are preety good and 10 ball is so quiet

Thats really vague, lol

yyj’s are cheep and good, yyn are cheep and good, yye are cheep and good, 10balls are cheep and good, generalyo AIGR are cheep and good, Teripins are pretty cheep and good. the only thing that is not cheep is probably ceramic, and most yoyo bearings work just as well as any other yoyo bearing.
only one thing though, shapes

flat bearings (__): the normal. if you use this, anything will do. it has the most versions so it is pretty standard and i recomend this one

kk (U, though a little less derastic): center the string, but dont handle multiple string layers well. are a little grabby. thought of as a handicap

centertrack (_/) like kks but less grabby. generally loud

grooved (-^- upside down): keeps string centered but also is flat.