10 ball ?

I am looking at getting a new bearing for my new breed and I was looking at the one drop 10 ball. Can anyone give me any recommendations and opinions on this bearing. I am open to suggestions :slight_smile:


i’ve tried my friend’s 10-ball.
Its supposed to be responsive at first, but once its broken in its supposed to be the smoothest bearing ever.

not to thread jack, but are all bearings with 10-balls considered 10-balls and play about the same, or are the one-drop 10 balls made a little different?

Parts is parts. ::slight_smile:

then in that case, i have 3 ten balls, although i didn’t get them from one-drop. and they are far more smooth and quiet than an 8-ball in my opinion.

My brother has an m1 and it’s bearing is amazing really smooth and quiet just an amazing bearing

10 ball bearings do tend to play a bit smoother and quieter, and they last longer. Or you could get a kk they are sweet, and help make the yoyo unresponsive.

If you can deal with a responsive yoyo for 1-2 weeks, then the 10 ball should be great. They’re hands down my favorite bearing once broken in.

If you can deal with a responsive yoyo for 1-2 weeks, then the 10 ball should be great. They’re hands down my favorite bearing once broken in.

For $8,Its a good bearing for its price,but you might want to consider the Terrapin x bearing too

I would not recommend a KK bearing. I have one and it tends to snag so my yoyo comes shooting back to my hand often. I just got a 10-ball with my Dingo- it was quiet at first, then got louder, but it’s still smooth and spins for a long time. I’d definitely get it over the SPEC bearing.

Having tried a few bearings, my onedrop ten balls are deffinitely a favorite. They play super quiet and smooth once broken in. Neither of the two has ever given me a problem or played inconsistently.

I’ve had some other bearings do strange things. YYJ specs which have suddenly sounded different and played different, a center trak which turned super loud.

The absolute consistency of my 10balls implies to me that they’re extremely well machined - with the shields off they even just look better engineered than some others… The only other bearing I’ve played that has been similarly quiet and consistent is ones used in foxland precision yoyos, but they’re mostly D size.

Did you mean to say YYJ or YYF???

I doubt it’s your kk thats causing the problem. Theres no reason it should make your yoyo snag. It might have too much loob and needs to be brokem im, or needs to be cleaned, it’s also possible that your response just needs to be worn down a little.

Hmmmmmm, now that you mention it, that might actually be the root of my problem. It wouldn’t spin for more than a second and it would lock up so I put a lot of drops of thin lube, so maybe.

Yes. Terrapins are $12.50 shipped and they are the best by far.

I meant to say YYJ like I said. The only problems i’ve ever had with YYF bearings have been my own fault. I did however get the CBC Center Trak and Diff-e-Yo KonKave mixed up

To clarify my experience here’s the brearings i’ve tried (from least to most favorite):
YYJ bearings: I’ve had one act up for no reason (strange response changes even when shielded)
YYF bearings: reliable but not my favorite
CBC Center Trak (ie protostar bearing): good player
Dif-E-Yo KonKave: really really loud. (A good player but not in every yoyo… some snag more with it)
Foxland bearing: great quiet smooth bearing, but non-standard size.
Onedrop 10ball: consistently quiet and and reliable, my fave

I base my judgement of bearing quality on a few things. The “ideal” bearing would produce no noise (as noise vibration = lost energy, which should be retained by the yoyo spin). Also any change in noise means something has shifted in the bearing, implying it’s loose. So perfect bearing should require minimal lube to run quiet, spin as long as possible, and not introduce any new vibe.

Preferences differ, but that’s how i see it.

The reason I asked is because I’ve only seen the term spec used to refer to YYF bearings.

After listning to what you all said I decide to get a 10 ball and so far it’s quiet and very smooth