need replies fast


is a 10 ball the best you can get. if not please list below


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I think it depends on the person, to be honest.

I really don’t think it matters at all.


there is no best. its all preference.

(WildCat23) #4

Some people think there great, others think all bearings are the same. It’s all preference.


It is all preferance. But truely I prefer a center trac or yye bearing because frankly, the 10-ball isnt really any difference to me.


Yeah I think its all preference. Personally, I use only ten balls. They are smoother IMO. but it really doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to do all The same tricks with any kind of bearing. They all are long spinning and functional.


Yes. It is all about preferences, but i will provide a short little review of my ten ball. I have put it in multiple yo-yos so I think I have a pretty good opinion on how it plays. At first it is the best bearing in the world. Extremely smooth and silent. Much better than a konkave. 10 balls play great for the first couple months, but with time they get dirty and even with cleaning get louder. Still quiet, but not as silent as they start out. 10 balls are still my number one bearing though.


Try a gold bearing, so awesome.


Like everyone has said it is preference. I have played all types I bearings in all my yoyos and I would have to say I like 10 balls the best.


Try it, you might like it.

Just like everybody else said, its preference, nothing you can do except try some and find out is it your preference or not.


preference preference preference >:( … show some back bone and give an opinion and why

i prefer the center track bearing, because i find myself doing minimal mantainence on them, and they run nice and smoothe… i also hear ceramics are great, but they are a bit expensive for my taste

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I don’t worry about what bearing is in the yo. I just play it. If it quits working then I try whatever I can get my hands on. If the bearing works at all I should be able to play the yo. I figure if I can’t play the yo with any working bearing, I can’t play well enough and need more practice.


Stock bearings rock pretty hard. Unless you get a bad bearing, you can’t go wrong this way.

Otherwise, feel free to experiment with different bearings until you find the magic combination that works the best for you, your yoyo and your style of play.

I have OD 10-ball bearings, a Dif-E-Yo koncave, Center Tracks, and Terrapin X Wing Cut and Chrome X bearings. Other than replacing my DM2 Speed Bearing with a Terrapin X Wing Cut, and placing the same thing in my One Drop 54(which shipped to me used with a YYF bearing installed), or the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit in my FHZ Pulse, the rest of my stuff is stock, and they seem to perform fantastic.

But, bearings aren’t terribly expensive. Buy some and figure out YOUR preferences.


The only yoyo that I had troubles with the stock bearing was my word 4xl, seriously replace them if you get one.


i like my 4 ball convex personally