best bearing -----????

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I’m currently in love with the one drop ten ball. I use them in all my yoyos but I’m about to buy some more bearings and was wondering if there was anything that toped the one drop bearing?what do you recommend or should I stick with the onedrop


twisted trifecta has a nice groove. a ceramic bearing is the smoothest thing i ever threw, but very expensive. it depends on what you prefer, but twisted trifecta has a nice groove, as well as ten balls rather than eight.


I find matching the bearing to the yoyo for how you play is more critical than anything.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the OD 10 Ball, but, since you’re thinking about change, maybe you should be a CenterTrac, KK and a Trifecta to compare how shaped bearings may work for you as compared to the flat bearing you currently like. I could recommend things like the Crucial Grooved, General Yo and YYJ Speed too, or even Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings.

As I said, there’s lots of really good quality bearings. Matching the bearing to the yoyo and player is what’s important. I don’t use a “single” bearing, I use what I feel gives me the performance I want out of the yoyo. Sometimes it’s stock, sometimes it’s not.


Im liking my centertrac, Id like to try a trifecta though


If you like 10 balls, stick with them. I, too, prefer 10 balls


Buddah Bearings are nice too


So in my experience 10 balls don’t play much(or at all) better, but are much more sensitive and tend to get dirty and loud much quicker than other bearings. This goes for OD 10 balls, Trifectas, 10 ball concaves, etc. I’m totally over the 10 ball fad and super happy with either CTs or whatever concave i have lying around. Eventually you’ll accumulate a pile of bearings and realize whatever one is smoothest and longest spinning at that moment is the one you want, but that doesn’t usually have anything to do with the design, just how clean and nice that particular bearing is.

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I think the condition of the bearing will have more of a effect than the type with regards to how well they spin. The type makes a few slight differences, but if you don’t take care of them it doesn’t really matter what type it is.


I would say the CORE Bearing from Northern Spin. They only have Size C, but it’s simply amazing.


Buddah bearings, the ripple is awesome and you can get a good deal for them. Crucial grooved are the best.



I like 'em flat and dry; and I prefer 8-balls over 10.


If anyone wants to buy some 10 ball concave grooved bearings PM me. I have a lot at great prices. PM me for information. Thanks.