center trac or OD 10 ball?


which bearing is better for long combos center trac or OD 10 ball?

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Go stock.


what is stock?


Preference. try both. Bearings do make a difference in play.

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Worth noting.

They really don’t.
I have played many a bearing over my 12 years of yoyoing now. And I can honestly tell you that they hardly make any sort of difference.
Unless you want to talk about BAD bearings then of course, but those are the odd overseas bearings or the old dorothy bearings that went horrible after a bit of play. Stock is the way to go, dont fall for hype bearings. And don’t let people try to tell you otherwise. Cause believe me, lots of people will.

clean a stock bearing, drop of thin lube. Good to go.



@ jayyo
I love how all of your comments now are so helpful and less,less…hmm…sarcastic…I love reading your stuff now:D


I Only use OD ten balls in my throws. It actually will somewhat cure a small vibe in a yoyo cause they are so smooth, at least in my experience. I wish they sold 20 packs of them…


i have tried …

10 ball … center trace… KonKave… Crucial Grooved… Ceramic

and its personal preference … and you won’t know until you try them …

and after you try all of those, you might just like the regular bearing …

but do know that eventually all bearings go bad … and after cleaning them … they will go bad again … and you will have to eventually replace them …

but yeah just try all different types and see what you like…

just like strings, you won’t know until you try it … or just like any new throws that come out …

you can read reviews … all day but still your own experience if your own and no one can take that away from you … you like what you like and hate what you hate… thats all Folks!!!


Jayyo is correct.


I think correct or incorrect is a relative term in this discussion. We have to concede that preferences do play a factor in the decision process.

My thoughts are that the company making the yoyo figured out what bearing shape was the best fit for their yoyo when it was made and designed. Doesn’t mean that if I don’t swap out the center track in my Northstar with a flat C spec bearing that it won’t work as good. I’m not really into questioning companies that clearly know more than I do.

What I can say is that I have the resources to obtain different bearings, or rather have obtained different bearings. I’ve at least got enough bearings to experiment if I want to. Fortunately, bearings are terribly expensive and I recommend that people buy some different bearings and figure it out for themselves.

So, I’m taking more of a position that aligns more with that of Jayyo, where the stock bearing is probably your best bet. Unless you get a dud of a bearing, the odds are it’s more than adequate for one’s needs. Then again, you can buy a different bearing and get a a dud that way too. Stuff happens.

I know from other readings that Icthus prefers flat bearings. He’s not alone, lots of other people have said the same thing.

For the most part, I’m using stock bearings whenever possible. There are exceptions. I have some One Drops I bought used(one from Jayyo as a matter of fact) that have YYF bearings in them. In Jayyo’s case, he said in a post he’s had problems with the One Drop 10-ball bearings. I like my DM2 a bit better now that it has a Terrapin X Wing Cut bearing, which plays like a flat bearing, but with an ever so slight concave to help keep the string more centered. I put the same thing in another yoyo, but I forget which one. I logged it in my database.
UPDATE: The other Terrapin X Wing Cut is in a One Drop 54. The previous owner did not like this yoyo, but took the 10-ball out and popped a YYF bearing in there. The YYF bearing played fine, but I wanted what I feel is a better bearing in there. I do have spare OD 10-ball bearings laying around new in the baggie. I may swap it out.

I advise that people experiment with bearings if it’s within their means. It’s not that much money. Develop your preferences. And keep in mind that you may have to fuss around with this on a “per yoyo” basis to find what combination works best for you.

But, if you’re just after “longest spin time” type stuff, honestly, just work on your throw. It’s more valuable and useful to have as good of a throw as possible. No bearing is going to help a bad throw. Developing a good throw just takes time. It’s just something you can’t rush. Practicing more helps speed that along.


Terrapin X Wing Cut bearing <-- i wants this … but don’t know where?? any recommendation?



I prefer centertracs but its just a preference.