Know of any companies that make GOOD 10 ball KK bearings?


Sooo I just got my One Drop 54 for christmas…and I love it except for the bearing. The fact is that I’ve been coddled by the KK bearing in my Protostar for the past few months. I really like the smoothness that comes with the 10-ball, but I find that my OD just becomes unstable so easily with it in. (And no, it’s not that I’m not throwing it straight. Whenever I throw, the string is pretty much dead-center on the bearing, but as I do tricks I have to shift my entire body to keep the yoyo from veering off.)

Today, I popped out my KK bearing from my Protostar and put it in my OD…and it plays wonderfully now. In fact…I love my protostar even more with the ten-ball in rather than the KK. I dunno…my protostar doesn’t become unstable even though I don’t have the KK bearing in it. I think it’s because of the H shape. I dunno.

But then I got to thinking: Wouldn’t it be magical if there were 10-ball KK bearings? That would pretty much make my OD my favorite throw then. I did a google search and found that they do exist…but I don’t wanna get a cheap, low quality bearing and then get frustrated again. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with 10 ball KK bearings? TELLL MEEE!


My Protostar plays fantastic with the factory centertrac bearing in it.

My OD 54, bought via BST was shipped to me with a YYF flat bearing in it, which worked fine. I swapped it out for a Terrapin X Wing Cut and I like that better. I do have some extra OD 10-ball bearings that I bought. One was for that same 54, and the other is intended to go into a MMN that I bought off BST with a YYF bearing in it.

My general thoughts are that the people who designed it chose a specific bearing type to put in there for a specific reason. My Agapes use flat bearings since their designer uses flat bearings, and so it makes perfect sense for me to put a flat bearing in them. Well, one shipped with either a centertrak or a konkave, but the others I put flats in. Either way, they play amazing.

Regardless, do what you want. If a specific set-up works for you, then I definitely recommend sticking with it, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I have heard that they do make 10-ball KK’s, they just aren’t as commonly available.


I’ll quote myself twice for effect.

The point here is that the number of balls doesn’t really matter. If you want to use a KonKave bearing then do so. Another ball or two in the bearing isn’t going to make it any smoother or sleep any longer.


Many manufactures make this bearing in any configuration, 7,8 ,10 and 11 ball in full ceramic, ceramic/hybrid or steel. They are called U-groove track bearings in the real bearing world.
I think Magic YoYos come with them.


They are good…


Yeah…I dunno, maaaan. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet since it’s new and everything. I remember when I got my protostar I was all awkward with it at first too but I quickly got used to it. I have to say that just by having two yo yo’s…I can already tell what my personal preferences are. I feel kinda guilty admitting it, but I kind of like playing with my Protostar a bit more. :o

I think I messed up my KK bearing a bit when I attempted to clean it…uhhh. Yeah. :-\ I can notice a slight difference in how the bearings play though. I’ll buy a new KK bearing and get back to you on that one though.

Interesting. These Magic YoYos you speak of…why are they so dirt cheap? They look like high-end yoyos. Is it because they’re made in China? I’m a bit flabberghasted…I may just order one and try it out for myself. Hell…I may just buy a Magic YoYo for the bearing. haha.


I know chinese companies do 10 balls KK (don’t know which ones tho)
Magic yoyos are great yoyos, play wise, and very cheap. Some players throw them a lot, I do prefer “real” high end throws (better finish, giving my $$$ to people who matter in the community, collectors etc…)
but for a beginner, they’re very nice as they play very nicely. and they’ll also be good for those who are after only performance and don’t care about the finish or the rarity and whatnot.