Replacing 10Ball Bearing


So I hate the 10ball bearing.

Just a quick question – I’m assuming I can put any size C bearing in my One Drop Yelets, right?






I love to OD 10ball.maybe you got a bad one… Why don’t you like it?


I had this question too!

The OD10 isn’t my absolute favorite bearing, but it’s close. As far as flat bearings go, it’s top notch.


What don’t I like about it . . . out of the box it played great. Then it got loud. I lubed it if played great. Then there were horrible noises. Now its frozen. So what I don’t like about it is it requires maintenance. I know I know but I always play yo yos stock and dont have problems with them for YEARS – read: not new to this.

And when it played great is was no better than any other bearing – NO BETTER. If it costs more to get the same thing that also requires so much coddling to get it to work – no thanks. Go to hell 10ball!

I would never consider getting another one, but if it came stock I’d play it for as long as I could and if it performed as well as a five dollar 8 ball bearing, I might change my opinion.


So it got loud and instead of cleaning it, you just stuck more lube in?
Even for a “beginner” that’s pretty damn stupid. You would think common sense would kick in…
No wonder the poor bearing gave up.


Not too cool to call me stupid.

I’ve been just dropping lube in for years without ill affect. My point is that every other bearing I’ve owned, probably over 30, has not required this level of attention.

I am now resisting saying anything bad to you.

(kclejeune) #9

Every single seasoned player in the yoyo world knows that OD10 balls need to be either cleaned or broken in. Suck it up and break it in, or clean it.


Not all C size 10 ball bearings are created equal.
Try a Terrapin X…


I had the exact same experience with the Terrapin bearings that I tried as I did with the 10-balls that I own. Which is to say, they work great, then get loud and screechy and responsive.

Then they require cleaning (which is fine… I don’t care myself, but I’m just saying that’s the next step) before moving on. At least one 10-ball never recovered, and the Terrapin that never recovered was replaced at fjh’s discretion and his own expense (but it still didn’t recover).

Putting a drop of lube into a screechy bearing isn’t an awful thing to do… it’s certainly not “stupid”. Personally, I clean every bearing that ever goes screechy. That’s just what I do… I like starting from a clean slate. But LOTS of people (including JonRob as I recall) just put in a drop every now and then and keep on keepin’ on. There’s no holy commandment saying you must clean a bearing just because it gets screechy. Sometimes a bit of lube is all that’s needed for whatever reason.


Thanks, man.

Just a lot of mouthy little kids on this forum . . .


Strange, I haven’t done any kind of maintenance on my ten balls aside from putting a drop of lube on it every few months when they get loud. I’m betting something got stuck in the bearing. Remove the shields of the ten ball, and clean the bearing with soap and water, make sure you have a blow dryer or compressed air ready. Put the bearing on the end of a chopstick or pen, and either blow the water out with the blow dryer on high, or blow the water out with the compressed air. Do this right after you take the bearing out of the water. Apply a small drop of lube after, and you’re bearing should be like new.


Thanks. And what I wound up doing is this: replacing the 10ball with a yyj bearing.

But I will take apart the 10 ball, clean it, lube it, and see how it goes.


i visited onedrop and they were against putting any other bearing types into the yoyo for it can have a sat on effect. i have a question waiting about if i can use a center track bearing in a code 2.


As long as they’re the same dimensions, which is all I wanted to determine from this post, I’m sure it doesn’t matter.


Take a look at a 10 ball from One Drop then pretty much any other bearing, you’ll notice that the 10 ball has a noticeably bigger inner race than the other bearing. This prevents the bearing from crushing the shim of the yoyo when the yoyo is screwed together, since Side Effect yoyos need to be screwed together tightly. This is pretty much why I think One Drop recommends against using other bearings.


It’s time we got the calipers out.


I’m not saying the diameter of the inner race is larger, I’m saying the inner race itself is larger. The diameter of the inner race is the same for all C bearings. It’s honestly kind of hard to explain without pics, so I’m gonna use a few.

Here is a 10 ball. Take a look at the inner race, it’s larger correct?

Here’s a regular C Bearing. The inner race is thinner than that of the 10 ball correct?


Sure looks that way from the photos.

Anyway, cleaned the bearing you know lighter fluid and compressed air. I could get to wind up liking the 10ball.