Please help! About the Onedrop 10-ball bearing :(

So today I received my YYJ Destiny and the Onedrop 10-ball bearing, then I clean the bearing with soap (stainless steel can be cleaned by soap , someone in this forum once said) and add one drop of YYJ lube to it, then the bearing become worse, cannot sleep long ( only 10-20 secs) so I cleaned it one more time without lubing and it can now last around a minute.
But the problem is, the 10-ball bearing is not stable, it spinning time is much less during tricks, e.g. I can only do two “The Matrix” and it stops spinning wile I can do countless times using the YYJ Speed bearing. It’s really not my skill problem, I tried the bearing with both Supernova and Destiny.
Can anyone give me idea why this happened?? I heard that the Onedrop bearing is superior to the Speed bearing, but mine doesn’t spin well. What is the problem actually??

Soap sounds like it will destroy the bearing…

Why on earth did you clean the bearing at all?

Anyway, you have soap residue in your bearing. Deshield it, and clean it in something a little more bearing-friendly like denatured alcohol or mineral spirits (clear, not the milky white stuff). Once clean put the bearing on a pencil tip then blow-dry with either compressed air or a hair dryer will work in a pinch. Then, throw it in a yo-yo and try it, with no lube. If it’s a little noisy, apply a very small amount of lube, like one drop on the end of a toothpick and spin the bearing to distribute.


Yea I wouldn’t clean it with soap.

Check out the link in my signature I give a full description on how to properly clean a bearing in there.

o god… I cannot deshield it, I am sure I know how to deshield, I tried once with a SPEC bearing, but this one drop bearing is real hard to deshield it. Mission Failed.

Keep trying, you’ll get it. You’re looking at a ruined 10-ball if you don’t, since you’ll never get all of the soap residue out with the shields on. Again, why did you clean it??

I use only soap and OD 10-balls, so I may be of some help. After you clean your bearing out, rinse with some cold tap water to make sure all the soapy stuff is out. Make sure your bearing is completely dry, then apply v4m or yyj thin lube with a pin. This method was recommended to me directly from David of one drop, so don’t be afraid of soap!

Actually, it is a weak bearing once I opened the package, I mean it spins weak maybe not breaking in? So I tried to clean and lube it and see if it get better but it can much worse… It’s not spinning well from the very beginning compare to YYJ Speed bearing :frowning:
And I don’t think the problem is the soap…

Od 10balls require pretty much no maintenance in my experience

Agreed. They start out quiet and smooth, they get noisy and smooth, you play through it and they go back to quiet again. All of my OD 10-balls have done this.

Yea mine too.

Next time break in the bearing :wink: All bearings require a certain amount of break in time.

Cleaning a bearing with the shields on is like taking a shower with your clothes on.
Mission Failed. :wink:

Good analogy.

Chimera definitely nailed it on the head right here. Follow his response to a T and you should have absolutely no problems. Good luck.

Finally I cleaned it with toothpaste and it works VERY well!! It becomes very dry and can spins longer now. But the problem is how long should I wait for the breaking time?? How exactly you know the bearing is breaking?

I haven’t had an OD bearing yet that didn’t require some maintenance, so I’m not sure how you other guys got so lucky. And I’ve had 20 or more…

It’s “broken in” if it spins with a low-volume constant hiss (with no lube). If it gets screechy, it’s not broken in yet. Some people play through this, but I can’t help wondering “What the heck is causing that noise? That can’t be good.” At that point, the bearing usually goes into my pile of “Well, that’s another OD bearing to be replaced by a KK,” and have done with it. Occasionally I will clean these again and generally over time they eventually come around…

My favourite OD bearings are the ones that have come used, pre-broken-in. :wink:

First soap, now toothpaste??? Wat

I know right.

I am with GregP on this one. Every OneDrop 10-ball I have ever had started out quiet and then got very loud. I never have managed to play one of these long enough for the screeching to go away though. I wonder how long it takes?

I understand what “breaking in” is when the bearing is treated with a solid lacquer and the races need to essentially machine this lacquer down until tolerances are met. But with a wet-lubed bearing, under essentially no-load; what is it that needs to be broken in? And please do not say the “races” or some other internal part. High-quality precision bearings are manufactured to extremely high tolerances. There should be no physical break-in required for any of those parts.

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