How long?

I tried to find info on this in the forum, but i wasnt able to so i m sorry if these questions were already answered.
So i got a OD 10 Ball bearing recently, and i really was happy with it for the first day. i just put a little bit of lube in it, and it played really great, long, and unresponsive.
After about a day of a bunch of play, it started to get really really responsive wich (as you all know) really sucks ;). So i thought there may be to much lube in it, so i cleaned it and tried to play it dry, but it still is super responsive and doesnt run well at all.
So it just needs to get broken in i gues, but how long will that take? i hate playing with a super responsive bearing like this, its not really fun right now. I just want to know how long it will take untill its broken in to the point were i can do stuff like ninja vanish without smashing my hands in.
Also, is there a way to break in a bearing quicker? ive heard of some ways to do it but never any explenation how to do it.

Hope you can help me :wink:

The One Drop 10-Ball is breaking in, as you know.

How did yo clean it?

Cleaning properly involves removing both shields, soaking and agitating it in a solvent(mineral spirits, acetone and lighter fluid are top choices, mine is acetone). After cleaning, it needs to be blown out to remove additional contaminants. You may also need to use the paper slip method.

Spin dry. if you’re going to add lube, do it now before you put the shields back on. Dip a needle into the lube and touch it to a ball. Spin.

i cleaned it following the tutorial from the big link thread in this forum, so it is definitely clean

What did you use as the solvent?

Yu may need to use the paper slip method to get extra stuff out. However, play it another day and try to clean it out again. If that doesn’t work, it might need replacing. It happens.

The paper slip method is here:,23234.0.html