10 ball bearing


I have a really bad problem with my 10 ball bearing for my new code one that I got yesterday.
It turned responsive and is making a really lound and scratchy sound
Please help me!


10 ball bearings sometimes do that when they are breaking in. You either have to play through is until it breaks in, or you can simply clean the bearing. That should help out.

If you don’t know how to clean bearings, here is a simple tutorial on how it is done.


It’s breaking in. Keep playing. Oh, and a single drop of VM4 lube will go a LONG way.


how do I clean the bearing?


Read-up. Preinfalk just posted the video I recommend for bearing cleaning.


I don’t have lube, so what should I do?


Go order YYJ thin lube or in this case, I recommend One Drop’s VM4.

In the meantime, run your bearing dry after cleaning.


trumpet valve oil works pretty good to. you can buy it at a music shop.


Don’t worry to much about lube, in my opinion it just makes the yoyo more responsive and even if left dry the bearing will still last ages. Don’t clean it either, just keep playing and it will go away.


You should not need to clean a brand new 10-Ball. Noise comes from bearings occasionally as they break in. Responsiveness, however, is not normal for a dry-bearing.

I would give it a few days of play. I would recommend not lubricating the bearing… Make sure the two-halves are snug and keep throwing it. If the bearing is still responsive after that; I would contact OneDrop. They are extremely agreeable guys who stand by their products and are known for customer focus. I am sure they will make sure that you have a perfectly functioning bearing.

10-Balls are well-known for being smooth, quiet (relatively; Not AIGR quiet though) and long-lasting. Anything else is a bad bearing.