Cleaning Bearing what a pain in the butt

Ok so I just cleaned my kk and 10 ball yesterday because they were rele loud but while they did get a little quieter there still loud especially the 10 ball which I thought was supposed to be quietmshould I add more lube?

The ten ball bearing takes a long time to break in, after a few days or hours of play it should be back to being quiet. If it doesn’t become quiet, than you should lube it, but than you have to break in the lube.


Most of the time a clean bearing makes noise. If it bothers you lightly lube.

Do you want it to be responsive. or unresponsive? (Ok, so that might have been a dumb question lol)
I would personaly add more lube. Cleaning the bearing not only gets rid of all the “gunk” from the bearing, but it also washes out just about if not all the lube. I would put ONE or TWO drops of thick lube, then throw it for a about 20 minutes. If that doesn’t work, wait five minutes and throw it about ten more times. If that still doesn’t work, put ONE drop of thick lube on and repeat til its quiet. I’ve found that using the thick lube right after cleaning the bearing gets it where you want it farely quick. After that, it will probably need more lube after 8ish hours of play. Thin lube works then after this point.
Some people dont recomend thick lube for responsives, but I think it works faster in the beginning…its your call.

Cleaning the bearing hurts your butt? You must be doing something wrong. :smiley:

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I hope his butt doesn’t hurt. ;D


Hmmm… my LA teacher is always nagging us about using SMAPHO techniques. I wonder what she’d say in this situation…