What's wrong with my bearing?

My 10ball was starting to get slower so I cleaned it (Using the recommended method) and thought it would make it faster. It is currently dry and spins for 2 seconds on a flick! :’( What’s wrong with it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Also how fast do your spec’s run dry? Mine only go for about 3-6 seconds.

Makes me sad when I hear people spinning for 15 seconds+ :-\

You just have to play with it for a while to break it in.

After you clean it you have to break it in again? When I got my 10 ball, it was spinning for at least 8-10 seconds out of the bag.

Are you running it dry?

You might have to blow it out with an air compressor.

It was dry but I just lubed it. I just don’t have compressed air :frowning:

Also does over-lubing affect a bearing after being cleaned? Because I accidentally over-lubed my 10 ball and broke in the lube.

PS. If it helps, they are also loud :<

Yes, lubing will slow the bearing down a bit. Over lubing will slow it down a lot.

Well it’s lubed like it should be now. All the lube comes off when you clean it though, right?

Yes, a proper cleaning removes the lube.

Also, my 10 Ball is very loud, but was really quiet when I first got it. What happened? Right now it has just been cleaned and lubed.

Throw some long sleepers for a while. Let the lube work into the bearing and break in. It’ll quiet down.

It’s normal.

It’s breaking in.