10 Ball Bearing just got REALLY slow.


Hey, everybody.

I just received my Genesis+ and my One Drop 10 Ball Bearing today in the mail and for about half an hour they were working perfect together. When I threw it down just a few minutes ago, it make a really loud piercing noise, kinda like nails on a chalk board. I opened up the yoyo and when I spun the bearing, it makes a noise that sounds like it’s scraping against the yoyo and it spins for literally a quarter of a second. Is there any way to fix this?


put a drop of thin lube in it. if you don’t have any something similar should work. only a little bit lube should do it.


I put a drop of YYJ Thin Lube on it just then, and it spins a little better, but definitely not as good as a brand new 10 ball should…
Also, I can’t do anything like finger grinds anymore because when I pop it up to get in on my finger, it returns to my hand and hits me. :confused:


Keep playing it. It might be breaking in.


“Please note there is a slight break in period to the bearing”

in the product desciption. just be patient im sure it will be spinning smooth in no time! =]


I consistently have the same experience with 10 ball bearings, and by my experience they’ve gained so much popularity that anyone speaking out with any problems with them gets the same rigmarole of responses. Yes, a drop of lube will help the problem, but there will be a very lengthy break-in period and it’s anyone’s guess how long (or short) after that it will start getting all gritty and loud again. My experience with them can pretty much be summed up by saying too much maintenance, too little play. I wanted to like them. I really did. But at the end of the day I just can’t give the 10 Ball any kind of praise.


i would just clean it. It is probably has some gunk in there.


my 10 ball just went responsive after like a week. just keep yoyoing and hope it gets better?


Ten balls are great bearings, if its doing that, its most likely that there is something in it. it could be the tiniest grain of sand causing it to do that, it doesnt have to be anything big. My advice: use some lighter fluid or denatured alcohol and clean it. DONT lube it afterwards. Putting lube in your bearings causes them to be responsive, unless it is a very minuscule amount. Like a tiny drop on the end of a needle. And yes, ten balls (just like any other bearing) have a break-in period. But from what your saying, it sounds like it just nees to be cleaned. Try it. If it doesn’t work, post about it again, and everyone will try to further assist you. hope this helps!

(Edmeister) #10

Grab some Mineral Spirits and clean it.
Then Thin Lube it.
Or play it Dry for a week and then lube it.
If it starts to become responsive you got a locked up bearing and its practically dead.
Try using the paper method , Search it on the forums.