One drop 10 ball suddenly really loud


So I was unscrewing my mantis to get a knot out, this was my first time having to unscrew the yoyo. So all I did was take out the bearing and put it back in, screwed the Yoyo back together, but after about like 10-15 throws the bearing suddenly got really loud and barely spun compaired to how silent and long spinning it just was. I have thrown it more times before I had unscrewed it though. Does the 10 ball just need to be cleaned and lubricated?


I’ve noticed they have a “break in” where they go Loud and quiet back down. When it begins getting loud, I de-shield the bearing and slightly lubricate it and throw it a few more times. I would throw a few more times and see if the sound changes before messing with the bearing though.



This has happened to all of my OD ten balls, I just put a lot of lube on and play thru it


Ok thanks guys :smiley:


Sometimes it helps if I just gyro it alot


I can’t get the C clip out. Any advice for that to would be nice :slight_smile:


Gyro the yoyo before you clean it. It’s helped my bearings you might as well try👍


I use a clothes pin I bent to use as a deshielding tool or use a needle. You want to get underneath the c clip where the point of the end of the c clip is facing the inside of the bearing. Looks like a triangle point



Oh thanks Caden I tried but it didn’t really help.
I got the C clip out and put some monkey finger lube in it. The noise is down but not as quiet at before. I hope the good spin time will return. Also, do one drop 10 balls rust if you touch them with mildly sweaty hands?


No you are fine, allow the new lube to break in. I only add a pin drop at a time



You can find how to get the c clip out here: Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos


Thanks guys. It’s back to normal sound wise and I think that the bearing spin time will come back too. :slight_smile: