Lubing yoyo..

So the question is in how much time do you lube your unresponsive

yoyo or after hoy much time of play … I mean when you get a new yoyo

do you lube first time before

playing because when got yoyo didn’t lube it first time I think for 1 hour

of play and now it just makes a noise its a dif e konkave bearing in YYF

Shutter …

Deshield it, clean it, very small drop of lube. Repeat when it gets noisy again.

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New yoyo? I usually just disassemble, check if there is something wrong inside (if there is any blasting residue, check the axle, bearing, and response), then re-assemble, tighten with the palm on one hand to avoid overtightening which may cause vibe. Clean the bearing once it has weird noise even if it’s still unresponsive. No lube. I never had any bearing died because of running it dry, but I definitely seen small amount of wear (slight flop) on the bearing after a couple of years, however there is practically no difference in play or spin time. Lubed bearing requires break-in and I personally prefer slightly worn bearings but is consistently very unresponsive.
Sometimes I still lube the bearing if the yoyo is too loud.

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How do you deshield bearing…??

You need to get a safety pin or a needle or something and you need to stick it on the inside of the very outer edge of the bearing then turn the bearing with the pin still in the outer edge and you will feel it drop into a little slot there. That is called the C Clip and that is what you are trying to pry off. Its called a C clip because its shaped like a C and you are trying to get the pin into the mouth of the C.



So once you get the pin in the mouth of the “C” You need to try and pry it off by getting under the edge of the "C"s Mouth it may take a few try’s but you’ll get it eventually.

Hope that helps its kinda hard to explain. You can check the link in my sig for a complete guide for cleaning a bearing just scroll down the page a bit.

Look here: Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

Also, the proper way to lube a yoyo bearing is to deshield the bearing first, and then add just a pin tips worth of thin lube. Over lubing will make the yoyo responsive. Also, just leave the bearing deshielded, it will help to make cleaning and lubing the bearing a heck of a lot easier.