How to properly lube a bearing

Iv had a couple of “bearing cracks” (when it the pitch gets higher, it also sounds choppy, and becomes responsive), how do i fix this properly?? Does lube help or naw?

Depends on what is causing it. If it is just the bearing breaking in then you probably don’t need too do anything but keep playing it.
If it has something sticky in it like pad glue residue then you will likely need to clean it with some sorta of solvent, too break down the material.
If it has something like hair in it, you can normally just pull it out, however if you have played the yoyo with that hair stuck in it for a bit it will melt. In these case’s something like the paper method is good for getting it out.
If you have a flat spot (in perfection) on one of the balls, you will want to polish up the races and balls to get them back in order. Shields method is what this has come too be called.
If you have the shields installed on the bearing, they may be bent, simply removing them often fix’s this.
I personally just add lube in most case’s and find it fix’s the bearing, however it does also create a responsive bearing for a bit while the lube break’s down. I don’t go through putting it on a needle or anything I just put a couple drops in the bearing, while the bearing is removed from the yoyo. Then spin it a bit both directions, and wipe off any that is on the outside of the bearing. Takes anywhere from five minutes too two hours of play to get it back to being unresponsive. I found in my yoyo life bearings maintained like this only need help on a very rare occasion, like one every few years. So it is what I stick with.

The bearing may just be getting old,it’s about maybe 1/3-1 year old

I have a couple bearing that have been in consistent use since the late 90’s. I dought you put in even 1% of what they have been through in 1/3 a year.

Bearings are really durable I’ve had a duncan bearing in my metal drifter for years and it still works to bad the yoyo broke. the bearing is about 5 years old and it’s seen everything.

That’s really good to know, that’s really comforting

How do u remove the shields though?

Have you looked here?
Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

with a small needle, there is a different technique with different snap rings but you essentially pry it off

My main prob is idk what is causing it, it happens randomly and periodically, so idk what to do. I usually just lube it a little and i kinda panic wen that doesn’t work.

I find an exacto knife of just the standard size,(the size of blade that comes on 90% of exacto knifes.) works better then anything else I have tried. As someone once pointed out they are brittle and will break easy so ware some eye protection.
There is a “C” clip holding the shield on. One side is normally angled out and one in. so one will be very hard to get behind and one will be a lot easier. Some bearings do not have a “C” clip and those kind you have to just tare the shield out. Lucky for you shields hold stuff in way better then they keep stuff out so leaving them off the bearing will do little bad and just make it easier too deal with. Less likely too lock up as well since anything that get in there can just fall out.

If i open the yoyo and spin the bearing it’ll spin for maybe 1 to 2 seconds if that,

Clean the bearing once it’s dirty responsive, even if it suddenly becomes unresponsive again it’s just a matter of time to fail again. Besides it’s not a good idea if you know that the bearing is dirty but keep using it anyway.

put one or two drops of lube when it’s off the axle otherwise it’ll soak into the silicone