applying thin lubricant

I recently purchased thin lubricant for my yoyos and i need some things cleared to ensure i dont mess up my yoyos. I have heard that you only want about one small drop but is one on each side or just one side? Also to exactly what part of the bearing do you apply the lubricant? Finally what about yoyos like protostar were the bearing is blocked by other pieces, do i have to take it apart?
-Thanks in advance

Most people remove the shields when they lube the bearing. The shields are the sides of the bearing and cover the balls inside the bearing, protecting them from contaminants. There is a clip that holds them in. To remove the clip, if you run a needle around the edge of the bearing you will see and feel a lip. The c-clip sits under this lip and has a cut in it. Carefully feel for this cut, get the needle between the clip and the bearing and pry it out. Once the clip is out the shield will come off revealing the balls inside. Don’t worry the balls will not fall or come out unless the bearing is broken.

Just place some lube on one of these balls and spin the bearing. One side is fine the oil will be distributed evenly when you spin it. Remember the lube will make the yo responsive for a while. The more you use the longer it will be responsive.

Some people don’t like to mess with shields and will occasionally just place a drop of lube on the shield of the bearing. It seeps in and lubes the bearing just fine. However, it can be responsive for a while. It’s about preference.

I wouldn’t worry about cleaning the bearing until I’d tried lube. Often times people over clean the bearing, it usually just needs lubed.

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Here is a video I made for someone on deshielding a bearing, bo this:

Next step: Take your bottle of lube and open it. Over the balls that are exposed due to you de-shielding it; put one, rather big but not too big drop of lube. Then take a paper towel and wrap it around the bearing to clean the outside of it. Next put the bearing on something like a pencil and spin it for about 2 minutes by just keep flicking it.(You can also use a bearing remover to put it on while you flick it, or something similar) This should be all you have to do then put the shields back on the bearing to keep from dirt getting in. thus causing constant maintenance and needing to clean/lube it frequently.

Is it absolutely necessary to re-shield the bearing?

No. I often do not even take the time to re-shield it. It does not really make that much of a difference in the long run.

No. I do because I like my bearings to have their shields on. I’ve received many bearings via BST without the shields. Do I have issue with this? No. I do have a few bearings that play better with the shields off.

I have a question too. Is it possible to lube the bearing without taking it out of the yoyo?

Yes, but it’s usually easier to take it out, particularly if you need to remove the shields. In fact I think it’s very difficult to remove the shields if you don’t. Of course you can try to lube it through the very then gap around the edge of the shields. If the shields are already off, go for it.

It’s also easier to keep excess oil off of the yoyo when you take it out.

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If you are lubbing with the sheilds on, I would put the drop between the inside edge of the sheild and the inner ring. Centrifical force will cause the lube flow outwards over the balls, so you can use less.