Yo-Yo lubricants. How to?

Hey guys, thanks for answering my last question!!!
And now i have another one for you guys.
How should i apply the lube? And where should i apply it? The ball bearing or around it?
Please answer this as soon as possible

What i do is get the ball bearing out of the yoyo and put it to the side. Then carefully put a tiny drop of lube on a needle. Then touch the needle to one of the balls in the bearing. Wait till the lube runs down the needle and onto the ball. Run the bearing on a pencil or with your fingers for a few minutes. Then put the bearing back in. It will probably be somewhat responsive for a few minutes. BTW The bearing needs to be deshielded. ;D

My method

  • remove the shield from one side
  • apply a very small drop
  • spin bearing on pencil tip to distribute the lube
  • blow out excess lube w/compressed air
    – leave it on the pencil tip for this part, spin it w/the air
  • replace the shield (or not)

Two ways I’ve done it.

First way. (Not the best way to do it but I was in a hurry.)

Put a very small drop of lube on the bearing while the shields are on.

Second way.

Deshield the bearing then take a needle dip it in the lube the rub the needle on the inside of the bearing in different spots. Then spin the bearing on a pencil or something. After that you can put the shield back on. (If you want to,)

lubing a bearing with the shields on is perfectly fine. People have been doing it that way for years. One drop on the shield and let sit for a minute or so. Then remove excess with paper. Not paper towel. Just paper. notebook paper and the like don’t have lint that will get into the bearing.