What is the best way to lube a non-shielded bearing?

I like to keep my shields off and the way i have to lube it is to put the shields back on and lube it then take them off again, is there a better way to do this??

I just drop the lube in while the bearing is out of the throw(most of the time.) then spin it a bit, take a clean paper towel and wipe off any excess. If you end up with too much lube in the bearing you may want too try can of air too get it out before recleaning.

Yah, Lubing a deshielded Bearing should be much easier to Lube than Shielded. If I ever Lube at all, it’s right after Cleaning and only if called for by the Manufacturer. If the Manufacturer says to “Run It Dry”, I do that too. All you need is a very, very Tiny Drop of Thin Lube. Maybe Half Of That, even. If you’re going for no Responsiveness from your Yoing. Then I Spin It on a Chop Stick with a Can of Air. Once you seat the Bearing, you should be able to see no signs of Excess Lube anywhere…Especially as to not eat up your Response Pads. That is another problem I especially, especially ran into with Lubing at first on Deshielded Bearings so I Lubed Less and Aired More. You’re just going to have to get in there and sees what works best for you. The Thin YYJ stuff also appears to work the best by far, even better than the YYF stuff.

Can you explain why you put the shields back on to lube, when it is orders of magnitude easier to do it with them off in the first place?

They say that if the lube flows about half-way around the shields then u lubed it enough, so thats wat i do

The Lube is going to have to Break-In anyway before it reaches its best performance, adding to much Lube is just going to take longer.

Just refine your application technique to put less on with the shields off. A small drop, applied sparingly.

Do i apply a little to each ball?

Some people do. If you want zero break in time then yes. put some on a needle and then add it too each ball, test then add more if you feel it needs it.
I myself drop two large drops into the bearing flick it a few times, wipe off the excess and throw it back into the yoyo. It will take a few hours of play to be back too totally unresponsive but that’s fine with me I don’t even notice since my techniques are smoothed out at this point.

My usual method is to apply a small drop and then spin the bearing on a pencil. Sometimes I blow it off w/a can of air, using the air to spin the bearing. Wipe dry and put it in the yoyo.