When to lube a bearing?

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How do you tell when you should put some lube on a bearing?


generally i lube my bearing when it starts to become loud. that means the bearing is dry. your bearing will generally spin a lot less when its in need of lube. remember to remove the shields and only use a little bit of lube. (i dip a sewing needle in my thin lube and run it across the walls of the bearing.


You should also let your bearing soak in lighter fluid (after you deshield) it to clean out the old lube from the bearing, then apply your lube.


theres actually quite a bit of chemicals you can use to clean out a bearing. its all about what is available to you. some people use lighter fluid, some use mineral spirits, some use alcohol, and some (like myself) use acetone (nail polish remover)

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Wrong. Dry bearings spin longer than lubed ones. Liquid increases friction, slowing the bearing down.


However, dry bearings lock up more easy.

Locking up is when the balls in the bearing become stuck, or jammed in their sockets, making the ball unable to spin. This makes the Yo-Yo incredibly responsive and spin for a very short time.

Thin lube prevents the balls from locking up because the balls are constantly lubricated, and always spinning.


How do you “deshield” a bearing?

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One thing.  I wouldn’t use an exacto knife.  I would use a needle or pin.


I can lube a bearing without deshielding it correct? i cant get the shields off one of my bearings and its too responsive right now.



no no no, it will become mad responsive if you do this


I’m not sure if it will become mad responsive if you clean a bearing without de-shielding it, but if one doesn’t remove the shielding, where is the crap you’re trying to clean out going to go? Plus, you have to clean out the stuff you used to clean the bearing with in the first place.

A lot of people don’t put the shields back in. I don’t generally recommend this, but it’s a common practice. Makes cleaning and lubing easier. I got kids and pugs(pugs shed an enormous amount of hair) and the better I can to protect my stuff, I will.

If you’re going to clean the bearing, REMOVE the shields. It can be tricky, but it’s a skill you need to learn.


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How do you get the bearings off the spacers?


Bearing removal tool, string trick, pliers, 1/4" drill bit.

There’s videos on how to remove a yoyo bearing. It’s not difficult.


So today i threw a couple drops of thin YYF lube in one of my bearings… and now my DM2 is more responsive. Before I put the lube in, there was no way of getting the throw back to my hand without binding… but now after i throw a hard sleeper, if i jerk it it will snap right up. Which really hurts my hand lol

Is this common? what do i do?



Too much lube.

Seriously, all you’d need is a drop maybe every month, but only if needed. While I recommend YYJ thin lube or One Drop VM4, I will not say anything negative against the YYF THIN performance oil, as it is the right stuff to use.

When you do lube a bearing, you have to kind of break it back in. I’ve seen people recommend doing gyroscopic flops, but I can’t do those so I just play the yoyo and get what I can get out of it for a bit.

So, you have a couple of choices. You can just play and play and play that yoyo to work the lube in, or clean it and then lube it lighter. If it was me, I think I’d go clean the bearing. I am not in favor of running my bearings dry unless they are Terrapin X bearings, which are designed to be run dry. Howevever, most of my yoyos are not currently using Terrapin X bearings. My DM2 and my 54 ARE using Terrapin X Wing Cut Bearings.

In closing:
Better to UNDER-lube than over-lube. You can always add a tiny bit more. Adding too much means “clean it and start over”