I cleaned my bearing

So my bearing is cleaned, and it spins super fast. I used it in my yo-yo and the grinding is even louder than before.
We used some silicone lube and than this thick lube because it still was spinning freely on the pen. I threw my yo-yo down and it still grinds as loud as before the lube.
My dad is thinking of putting some Vaseline on it, and is getting convinced on buying the Yoyojam lubes.
We just took a chopstick, dipped it in and then just slid it around the top and bottom of the bearing with the silicone lube… Are we supposed to deshield it? Will that work better?

Oh yes always deshield it. The fact that you are putting lube on the surface of the bearing is just useless. If the shields are on, everything that you just did was ineffective. Take the shields off. I usually don’t put them back on so maintenance is easier in the future. Throw in a drop of thin lube. I do suggest getting some YYJ lube, just because it works better. One 5 dollar bottle will last you a lifetime too. I think you might want to give it a quick clean again too, so any grit can get out of the bearing.

Good luck! Bearings can be stubborn little suckers sometimes.

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not really, i always add lube with the shields on. Saves me trouble and to be honest, i dont feel as though theres much difference. Furthermore, bearing shields help keep the dirt and grit out of your bearing. Thats always a good thing

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You can take the shields off and put them back on for the grime thing. Shields do not make a bearing absolutely impervious to debris, though. If you don’t unscrew your yoyo much, you can keep risk of debris lower.

You definitely have to deshield for the cleaning process, and while you’re deshielded, you can also lube in the most efficient way possible (oil directly to the balls!).

You are using WAY too much lube from the sounds of it. Once deshielded, you need no more than one drop of THIN lube. Vaseline will be a disaster. Even one drop of thin lube will make your bearing responsive, but you can usually break it in before too long.

There are videos on deshielding, cleaning, and lubing a bearing. Look those up!

Yes, you were supposed to de-shield it.

If you don’t remove the shield, where is the stuff you want OUT of the bearing going to go? Right back in since it never got out.

You basically did everything wrong.

Here’s some advice:
STOP. Slow down. Watch some videos, ask some questions. Learn what you can and ask questions. Use the right products.

I’ve typed up how to clean a bearing 10 times last week. Sorry if I’m too darn lazy to type it again.

Fast version:
Remove shields, soak and agitate in ACETONE(Don’t argue with me, I ain’t in the mood for it and you don’t need choices) usng a glass container with a tight lid that won’t melt. Let soak for 15 minutes. Remove from acetone to a paper towel, let drain 1 minute, flip and put back on paper towel, let it drain 1 more minute. Bust out the chopstick and spin dry. Lube using the needle dip method. Replace the shields.

Be more patient. You’ll be rewarded.

Mostly what everyone said. Bearings tend to be louder after you clean them unless you really lube them up, which slows them down. A very small amount of lube is all you need. Don’t work about the noise.


Vaseline is petroleum jelly. I don’t think it’s used as a lube.
I beleive somewhere before I’ve read that you can use it to lube a transaxle yoyo, but not a ball bearing.