Yoyo bearing

When I lube my bearing, it only louder and spin time decreases. No matter what I do, I just can’t lube a bearing correctly. I want to clean it, but I can’t because I am not able to de-shield the bearing. I tried to de-shield my new motoryoyo mitten, but I pushed so hard I punched an actual hole in the bearing (but thankfully it still spins). Could I get some help?

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That’s weird. You don’t need to de-shield unless you’re sure there are particles in there messing up stuff.

Did you try my method?

If you don’t have access to compressed air, putting your bearing in a (very) small container of acetone, lighter fluild, or isopropyl alcohol and shaking it around a lot, then letting it dry out, should work fine as a basic cleaning step?

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Thank you, it helped a lot. I have some weird yoyo problems. :joy::joy::joy: