Yoyo bearing needs cleaned?

My yoyo hasn’t been sleeping long at all I was wondering if there was any other options besides the yoyo lube from the site? Can I buy something in the store to clean it just as well? I don’t really want to wait for it to be shipped

This should be in the “looking for help/recommendation” section.

But anyways… Lube isn’t for cleaning your bearings. Cleaning bearings is done with a solvent like acetone, mineral spirits, or denatured alcohol, all of which can be found near painting supplies at your local hardware store. There are some videos showing how to go about cleaning and caring for your bearings, I don’t have any links on hand, but searching for “how to clean yoyo bearings” should bring up a decent video. Such videos should show you how to remove the shields from your bearings, which you’ll need to remove at least one to clean it thoroughly.

Lube is really only good for two things. First, it protects the bearing from wear and corrosion. Second, it can make a bearing play responsive if that’s what you want. Contrary to popular belief, lube actually slows down the bearing; a clean unlubed bearing will spin much longer.

So if you’re looking for your bearing to play unresponsive and spin longer, clean it first with one of those solvents, then only apply a needle point sized amount of lube, not even a full drop.

Lube can make a bearing play smoother (less vibe induced by the bearing itself) and quieter, but always at the cost of spin-time or responsiveness.

You can lube a bearing without inducing actual responsiveness (my lubed bearings don’t even have the string “chase” the axle), but there WILL be more drag at some level, which will reduce spin time. There HAS to be, based on physics!