bearing clean

i want to clean my unresponsive bearing and i dont have any lube?
what to do? and dont say buy a lube

you don’t have to lube the bearing after you clean it, I play my bearings dry. In theory it’s shortens the life of the bearing but in practice it should still last years.

You don’t have to have “yoyo” lube. Any light machine oil will work, as does gun oil, fishing reel oil or musical instrument oil. So there you are - buy lube. :wink:

what shorten the bearing life? the lube?

no, if you DON"T use lube it will shorten the bearing life, but like I said, it should still last for years

Don’t use lube to clean a bearing. Use solvents to clean your bearing.

Mineral spirits, acetone and lighter fluid are all regularly used. I prefer acetone.

You don’t need lube. Many people don’t like it because it decreases spin time. The liquid slows down the balls in the bearing. You only need lube if you like your yoyos quiet.