bearing cleaning question

So, the bearing in my Code 2 got really loud, and a friend told me to clean the bearing, so I looked at some videos and everything and cleaned it last night.

I’m just using the 10 ball bearing that came in the yoyo, and I let it sit/swished it around in mineral spirits for about 5 minutes. When I got it out, I let it sit and spun it some to get it all dried out. Then, after that, I put one drop of YYJ Thin Lube from the bottle on it.

Some video said it would be more reponsive for a bit, but its been about an hour of play and its still very grabby. Anyone have help for me?

My guess would be that that one drop was just too much. Try cleaning it again, and either run it without lubricant, or use the a much smaller amount. If the bearing is no longer shielded use the head of a pin to apply just a tiny amount of the lube.

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Thanks, I’ll try that!

I’m pretty sure the answer to every “I cleaned my bearing then lubed it and it’s really responsive” thread is “you used too much lube”.

You used too much lube. In order to make sure it was actually the lube I suggest cleaning the bearing again and then playing it dry. Assuming it plays great after that you can add a mini-drop as slowyojoe suggests.

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either you could play it dry after cleaning again… if you want lube in it (like i do) just take a needle and drop some lube on it and apply a little bit of it on to the balls inside before putting the shields back on.

Clean the bearing again. You completely UNDID what you intended to do in the first place by adding a drop of lube.

If you MUST lube(preferences), you dip a needle or long pin in the lube. That tiny drop that gathers at the point is all you need. Touch that to 1 ball, spin for a minute to work through. Repeat if desired but no more than one time. That’s it.

I was under the impression that running the bearings dry wasn’t good. Does it matter?

Opinions vary. If you want to run it dry, do so. Lube is only to reduce wear, not speed things up, as you’ve discovered. A tiny bit of lube goes a long ways.

I use Dry Play as my lube of choice, so I’m of the position of “lube”.

mineral spirits makes the bearings sticky!

i clean my bearings with acetone its the kind of stuff the put in nail polish remover and that works

Ummm, NO it doesn’t. Maybe you should try a fresh batch.

It will eventually wear down. Im kinda lazy (naw JK) so i just put a drop and play it for a day. Next day its unresponsive…

OH ok ive just heard that it leaves a residue in the bearing that makes it sticky but i could be wrong

The only residue likely to be left behind is anything dust or inorganics, and perhaps impurities in the solvent and a hint of water depending on how dry the solvent is.

I find if you let the mineral spirits dry, it will leave a residue. If you’re spinning and blowing the bearing out, there’s pretty much no residue left. By spinning it and blowing it out, you’re helping remove contaminants the solvent doesn’t break down. These contaminants are more of the issue over the residue left behind by the mineral spirits.

If you want to use mineral spirits to clean a bearing, go for it.