My yoyo plays responsive with any fresh cleaned bearing. Why?


Hi. One of my yoyos (Shinwoo Pro Wing 1A) Now runs responsive even with a clean, dead unresponsive bearing In It. It’s driving me mad every time it cracks my knuckles when I do a slack string trick. Why could It be doing this?

(Owen) #2

Are you using the offstring pro wing for 1a or is there an actual model of the pro wing made for 1a?

And i would check the response.

(major_seventh) #3

Whenever you clean a bearing it’ll be responsive for a few days.


No, its the 1A version. Could the response pads really cause it to go responsive?


That doesn’t usually happen with me when I clean a bearing.


Not in my experience.

(major_seventh) #7

Hmmm every time that’s the case for me, because of the mineral spirits taking a while to dry in the bearing. Strange

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You might pop the bearing out and check the bearing seat. Clean the bearing seat well. Any time I remove a bearing I always check the bearing seat for junk and check my response for rough spots, folds, anything abnormal.

I dry the bearings before placing them back into the yoyo. Not drying the bearing before replacing it is like taking a shower and getting dressed without having dried yourself with a towel. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Anyone seen Jrod? I know he must be planning some nonsense in the next few days. )

(major_seventh) #9

Ahhh good point.


Don’t use mineral spirits. And regardless of what you use, don’t let the solvent dry in the bearing. Solvent + debris = solution, so what you’re actually doing is letting a solution of whatever solvent + broken up debris settle into the bearing by letting it dry. You need to rinse out the solution (preferably with another solvent like pure acetone, isopropyl alcohol, etc., or even water) and blow it dry. That way the debris is ejected from the bearing rather than drying onto it.

I imagine the way you’ve been doing it, after a few days the debris breaks up and falls out on its own. But it’s a very inefficient cleaning method.


Sorry, but mineral spirits or lighter fluid work just fine. Just dry it sufficiently. Your obsession w/acetone or isoprpyl is uncalled for and spreading misleading information.


Just trying to be helpful. It’s not misinformation, and people can ignore it if they wish. But I’ve done a lot of research into bearings, various solvents, and experimented with many many combinations, due to problems I was having keeping my bearings performing well (it’s not just some arbitrary obsession). For me, mineral spirits worked worse than both lighter fluid and acetone. Is it better than nothing? Sure. Is it “just fine”? Depends who you ask.


Mineral spirits vary widely by brand. Same with lighter fluid. I could use pure heptane or hexane in a lighter, and it would work just fine. It’s just higher quality since lighters don’t need insanely clean fluid.

I dropped a bearing in milk once, and I needed to rinse that thing out in multiple batches of solvent before it would spin at all (true story). If you’re washing dirty things with soapy water, you should have a bucket of clean water to rinse them in afterward. You’ll notice the soap gets really dirty. The moral of the story is if you don’t use a ton of solvent and your bearing’s really dirty, yu can bank on having a bit of grime inside after washing.

Anywho, if his mineral spirits were from a bad batch, he’d be in for a bad time.