yuuksta is responsive

Hey everybody,

I’m pretty darn new at yoyoing (maybe 2 months of practice) and i recently bought a yoyofactory Yuuksta. Its a friggin great yoyo (of course its just my 2nd yoyo).

Anyway after playing with the yoyo for a couple hours i got the urge to drop some lube i already had on the bearing and it made the yoyo REALLY responsive. (I know, I know… tisk tisk) So I used some guides on this website and bought some mineral spirits and cleaned my bearing. I didn’t put anything in the bearing after cleaning.

Somehow it is still somewhat responsive running dry. Do you think I need to buy some thin lube and add a drop and it might be unresponsive again? Or plan B, buy another bearing. :-\

Use a clean solvent. If any dirt gets in the bearing then it might act responsive. as for thin lube, you don’t need it unless your in a humid environment. I run all my bearings dry.

check for any dirt in your bearing maybe something gets stucked in there and your bearing seat too

Okay, so what kind of clean solvent should I look for? I just don’t see how dirt got in the bearing. I added lube. Threw it about 10 times and cleaned it. But I don’t know.

My bearing got slightly responsive yesterday, first time in aoubt a year of using it, I just put it in some ronsonol lighter fluid for 3 minutes and dried it off, threw it and then it was back to normal. I run my bearings dry. If you want, before you clean it force some commpressed air through the bearing to remove anything at all, then clean it.

Then blow it out w/compressed air again to dry it.

Thanks for the info so far guys.

So using lighter fluid will clean, lubricate, or both? Cause if it just cleans it, what was wrong with using the mineral spirits like I did? But I didn’t de-shield it so maybe I should retry it after de-shielding it, then use the compressed air. Or should I really get the lighter fluid?

Haha sorry about all the Q’s

Ohhhh. You didn’t take the shields off. Yes, do that. Now that you say you didn’t do that, I can see where it might still be responsive after a cleaning.

Neither mineral spirits or lighter fluid will lube the bearing.