Bearing became responsive after cleaning. WHAT SHOULD I Do? :)


Hey guys, so today I cleaned 5 of my bearings, 2 of them were already responsive (thats why i decided to clean it). But after I cleaned it and I tested all of it and to my surprise all of the bearings became responsive >.< What should I do? Replies and tips will be appreciated!,871.0.html  <— I followed this :smiley: P.s I already know how to clean a bearing but I opened this just to be sure. Thanks


I know you followed the guide, but we could probably help you a bit more if you let us know what YOU did exactly when you were cleaning your bearings. What did you use as a cleaning agent, did you lube the bearings afterwards, how long did you let them sit in the cleaner, etc. We’d love to help, but more detail would help us evaluate where the cleaning process went wrong. :slight_smile:


It might help to blow through the bearing again. That just makes sure that there still isn’t any little rocks or stuff.


I thought I had the same issue when I first cleaned my bearings but just put them on the end of a pencil and keep spinning it with your finger, eventually it will finish drying and become unresponsive


Let them dry longer, dont use lube or use barely any

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If you have an air compresser, put the bearing on the end of a pencil. Then blow the air onto the balls and it’ll spin. It can be an air compressor, canned air, ‘office dust remover’, yeah. That’s pretty much the best way…


the only thing I worry about with an air compressor is that the air that comes out of them isn’t usually all that clean, and canned air can get expensive, and runs out pretty quickly


I personally find the air compressor and pencil combination to be very effective. You don’t need to spray it very long, so a can of compressed air should last you a long time.


I used Paint thinner because I couldn’t find any Lighter Fluid in my town so I just bought one and decided that I’d try it. I did “Running the Bearing Dry.” on Method 1 and I didn’t lube it. It sat there for almost 10 minutes to dry before I did the spin-the-bearing-in-the-pencil part. Thanks!


Can I use a 3-in-1 lube when lubing it?


I always seem to have the same issue. I’ll try the air method too. Also need to get better jars to shake them in.


Hi, I’ve tried several ways to clean my bearings. i used both lighter fluid and acetone and i found out acetone is the best stuff to clean my bearings.
Both of the lighter fluid and paint thinner you said are mainly made from acetone but what you really need is pure acetone. :smiley:

If you didn’t lube it so the reason your bearing became responsive is cleaning it, not from the lube. ;D


3-in-1 is pretty thick so it will likely make it responsive.


I cleaned it again, the result was not the same, 2 of the 5 bearings was semi responsive and the other 2 are still responsive while the last one has become a dud bearing. I’ve wasted enough days without practicing so I’m really getting impatient with the results, please help. :-\


When I cleaned it for the second time I lubed it with a 3-in-1 lube.


Bump! Can anybody help?


How much lube are you putting in there ? 3 in 1 is pretty thick so even a pin drop might be too much. Also a bearing doesn’t need to be lubricated at all.