Yoyo lube

Hello, I have a “Capless” yoyo and it is sounding like it is grinding near the bearing so I was wondering if I should use some and if so how often?

Sounds like the bearing needs to be cleaned. Soak the bearing in acetone, lighter fluid or mineral spirits and then spin it till it’s dry. Afterwards, you can apply lube very sparingly (one drop) if desired.


Liquid lube just slows a bearing down.
Try TX DryPlay. Totally dry.

Clean the bearing in the cleaners mentioned above, make sure you didn’t just add Flowable Silicone, for me when the yoyo string touches new silicone it makes a slight Grinding Noise. You should De-Shield the bearing using a pin, find the C clip and pry it out. After you clean it you will want Thin Lube, I recommend YYJ Lube (sold here 5.00), and using a PIN, dip it in and touch a few balls in the bearing. Then spin touch some more, and spin, then throw for a little while and it should become smooth and unresponsive.

Be sure when you open your yoyo to get nots out to spin the bearing with your finger occasionally, if it spins a little rough do the Pin Lube thing and throw some more.

One drop is to much, way to much. It will take days of throwing to become unresponsive again.

One drop v4 lube is the best lube and works great if you only put a little in your yoyo

Well it depends on how you break it in.

I use one drop and then blow the bearing with compressed air on the end of a pencil.

No break in required at all, it’s immediately ready to play.

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Without the compressed air it’s to much.

It’s fine, I always put one drop of YYJ thin lube and it still plays perfectly unresponsive.

Ok, Everyones bearings or amount of play. One drop and it’s responsive for weeks. For me.

Hmm… that doesn’t sound quite right. Perhaps your OneDrop lube has gotten old or contaminated? A single drop of OneDrop V4M lube should be unresponsive after a bit of spinning on a pencil (without compressed air even) or just some light practice throwing.


Well I don’t throw the same throw a long time. Also I have newly bought YYJ thin lube.

Terrapin X DryPlay lube will soon be available from YYE.
Zero viscosity…

Low, yes, zero, NO.

0 yes, spins longer then totally cleaned and prevents galling…